Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Turning 60

I'm not sure how it happened, but I am 60 years old!  The years flew by, and here I am a Grandmother!
If you expected to hear the woes of old age, you will be disappointed. Sure, my skin sags and my hair is thin and graying, but happier and more content than at any point of my life....  I threw myself a party...not because no one wanted to, they all asked, including my dearest how I wanted to spend my birthday.  I didn't know until I emailed my dear SIL and invited her and her family for homemade pizza, that I was gonna have a party.  I am so glad that I did.  I had a near perfect birthday.  The only missing piece was Mike and Amanda, but we face timed during the party and got to laugh and say hi to everyone.
I like to do it myself.  There I said it.  I am impatient and hate to ask for help.  I thrive on doing!  On hospitality, on making things nice for everyone.  In that I get pure joy.  I had the best birthday, with all my favorite people.  Speaking of favorite people...my grand daughter and nieces helped me to unwrap my gifts, then sweet p. said, "Now we sing!" and led everyone in singing Happy Birthday.  What a precious moment!
I made a lemon trifle with the cake I froze that we didn't get to eat Super Bowl Sunday.  I made meatballs  in the crock pot and Jon made the little hot dogs in the crescent rolls also left from our party cancelled by snowstorm..  Dear brother Greg brought the punchki, aka Paczki.  I always buy them for him, sentimental one that he is, but he beat me to it this year.
 Kris, Doug and Penny were here for my birthday! The sweetest gift.  Then, the embarrassment of riches.
 My SIL Elizabeth brought this lovely bunch of flowers.
 The best gifts are from the heart.  Little bird did it again.  Wrote this sweet note with my favorite painting of all time on it.  She didn't know, but no surprise...we are kindred spirits.

If I've learned anything from living 60 years, is that life goes by so quickly, enjoy every minute. .I've been blessed having a very happy and love filled life.  We've laughed through some very difficult times, known sickness and loss but always loved and appreciated life.   I am grateful for my husband and children and my baby grand, they have shown me the most perfect love. For all my family, my brothers and SIL's who are so dear to me and especially my nieces and nephews who I love so very much.  I have the best friends, some for almost 50 years, some like sisters, some brand new and some friends who have come into my life because of blogging.  I also remember friends who didn't have the chance to grow old, for friends that lost their dear sons when they were just starting their lives. How can you complain about getting old, it is such a gift.  I also remember my parents, and their parents and ancestors long forgotten who paved the path for me to this place, at this time.  I say it all the time, I AM GRATEFUL, but it is only a drop in Lake Michigan of the gratitude I feel.  Here's to being 60 years old...so glad to have great companions I have on this journey! (You know who you are...Buffskiboots forever!)

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Debby said...

Oh, happy birthday my sweet friend. You are such a happy person. You are blessed but at the same time, you are a blessing to others. So glad you had a special day. Hugs

Melanie said...

I can feel your happiness and contentment right through the screen. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. You certainly deserve it...you bring joy to so many. I am blessed to have you as my friend. xoxo

Lynne said...

Beautiful 60 Penny . . .
You are the epitome of grateful . . .
Love and hugs,