Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Update, Deja vu Edition

Yes our beautiful Sun comes up in the morning, and the sweet crescent Moon rises at night, but the days of February are running together like the movie Groundhog Day...We just can't seem to make any progress out of winter.  As a rule I love winter, and I love snow, but since the beginning of the month we seem to be stuck.

 The snow still covers the ground, my driveway is still half impassable.  The temperatures have been in the single digits.  I feel like we need a patch of bare earth, a small sign of spring.
Walking the neighborhood there was one other person out. Everyone is still hunkered down inside.

We did have company for Sunday dinner. Our little family came, and then it didn't matter so much how cold it was outside.  It was warm and happy and full of fun and snuggles.  Still, Sweet p wants to go in Grandma's garden.  The Sun tricks the little sweetheart into thinking it's a fine time to play outside.

Six more weeks of winter was probably quite optimistic for that groundhog.  Can't see a thaw, in fact more snow is predicted this week.

It sure looks beautiful, the Sun on the snow, the crisp air in the lungs, but even I, a winter girl is looking forward to some signs of spring.

Two of my favorite photos of my dearest, right next to our bed on my table.
My camera died. Just stopped working.  A couple of these photos I took with my hubby's camera.  I received my camera 5 years ago and took over 20,000 photos.  It's been my constant companion and I miss it already. As luck would have it, when Kris bought me my camera, she bought the same camera for herself. In the age of iPhones with awesome cameras, Kris is giving her camera to me since she hasn't used it in years.  I am so happy, being the one trick pony that I am and learning a new camera right now does not interest me a bit.
The best place to be in weather like this is in the kitchen, and that's where I was. 

We had a bake sale this weekend and these were two of my additions.  A Turtle Torte and a Triple Chocolate Bundt.  The house smelled delicious!

Sorry that even my posts are more of the same...I promise to get going with some thing more interesting. Until then, thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Melanie said...

Good morning! You know that our winter is bad and dragging on waay too long when even Penny is tired of it all! I just did a blog post on having cabin fever (but some weekend fun). Your desserts look so yummy. xoxo