Monday, February 2, 2015

Six More Weeks of Winter

Good old Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, predicting that we will have 6 more weeks of winter!  To that I say, HOORAY!  I know, it's not a popular stance, but I love winter and I love snow.
I was so glad to have at least one string of lights up in the house while a blizzard swirled around us. That's right an actual blizzard!  (Did you know that a blizzard means a snowstorm with  sustained winds in excess of 35 miles per hour?)  We got about a foot of snow here in English Valley.  Our Annual Eagle trip to Starved Rock had already been cancelled since my dear hubby was sick, and our Super Bowl festivities were bare bones since it was just my sweetheart and me.

I wanted to show you the last treasure I thrifted, seems like weeks ago.  I've been looking for a luggage rack for a while, since we first decorated our guest room.  This one was hidden, as most  good things are, and I immediately picked it up.  For the small sum of $5.99 I took it home.  Then I looked it up it to find it is worth at least $60! It looks brand new.
 Pretty ribbon makes it extra special.
 It is very cool and has yet to make it into the guest room. I am using it with a tray in the living room.
 A few Valentines around the house...
The pearls are an addition from sweet p.  Did I mention we had a sleep over?  That's where Grandpa got his virus, we think. Sweet p is perfectly comfortable with grandma and grandpa.  More fun and love than you can imagine.  She's got great ideas and is crazy about grocery shopping...something they did not do in New York.  The little family has settled in.  Their apartment is so pretty and spacious, they have all their things and we added some new plants.  We are all so happy to have them back home. We've been to the city at least a half dozen times since they've been back.  Did I mention we are soooo happy!?
 It was so cozy with the snow outside and us snuggled and warm inside.
My sweetheart covered in love. (In case you're wondering, I did not make the quilt, bought it at JC Penney over 20 years ago.)  He had the worst week, but he is gratefully on the mend. It was the perfect storm of toothache, virus and a infected foot.  Then he had an allergic reaction to one medication and was covered in hives.  This guy is not sick very often, thank goodness, but when he is, he shuts down.  He can sleep for 48 hours, get up and go back to sleep.  On the other hand when I am sick, I feel the need to get up and get if I pretend that I am fine I will be.  It works for me and his method seems to get results.
It was a very long week, filled with worry.  Oi Vey!

Saturday I sat and watched the funeral of Ernie Banks, #14, Mr. Cub.I have written about Ernie before, he was on my team, the 1969 Cubs,and right into the early seventies, when I was baseball crazy. Last week Ernie died of a heart attack at 82 years old.  It was the most beautiful service with music and eulogies by former team mates, Ernie's twin sons, and those that loved him.. The most beautiful thing said was that it was not that we loved Ernie, but that Ernie loved us back that made him so special to us.  He treated everyone with love and respect. Ernie loved the Cubs, loved Chicago and was an approachable, warm and genuine man. Everyone has a Ernie story, my son Jon photographed him with Robert Redford at an opening day several years ago, my brother Greg met Ernie at a convention and he was warm and generous, even inquiring on Greg's wife.;-) That seemed to be an Ernie trademark.   I got my only detention in High School because I was listening to my radio in Religion class when Ernie hit his 500th home run... Rest in Peace Ernie, you will be missed and always remembered.

It might be a couple of days till things get back to normal here in Chicagoland.  We have a driveway to shovel, thank goodness for 4 wheel drive on the beast, we can get out even before the driveway is clear.
Snow pictures tomorrow.  I can't help it, it is sooo beautiful today, the sun is shining.

The newly engaged Jon and Charlotte are planning a engagement party to bring their two families together before they start to plan the wedding.  They will  marry in 2016.  Mike and Amanda have a new family member, a cat named Hannah.  They rescued Hannah and hope that she will keep Henry the cat company.
Mike found a seasonal job when they first moved and it has turned permanent. He is still looking for a library position.  Amanda is loving her new job and it's challenges.   Being on Lake Erie, they get the same
weather we have first.  They got about a foot of snow in Cleveland yesterday.  I miss Mike everyday, but he is so good about staying it touch...that helps. .

I recently found a french phrase that I love... "raison d'etre". It means, the most important reason or purpose for which a person exists...for me, without a doubt my raison d'etre is my family.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

Hello, my dear friend...ugh on the winter and snow! Like a friend on FB said, she wants to punch that groundhog in the throat, lol!! So sorry to hear that your hubby is sick. What's this about an infected did that happen? I'm glad you're so happy that your daughter and family are back in Chicago. :-)

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Your family really is your reason for being, Penny, and they are so lucky for it! Sounds like a lot has been going on in your world. We're just trying to stay warm in our foot-plus of snow here (snow day today of course). Also my littlest's birthday. I say littlest, but he's going to be 11! "Time flies" is an understatement:) Glad things are looking up for you, friend!

Lynne said...

I like HAPPY and you seem to burst with happy happenings, happy thankfulness, happy caring for a sicky hubs, happy six more weeks of winter! I knew I liked you at first mention from Miss Barbie . . . but a winter/snow person too . . . YOU ROCK . . .
Enjoy more grocery trips with Little P . . .