Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Update, Monday Afternoon Edition

I hosted my Guild Sisters last week so I was cleaning and puttering around the house.  I had to hang the Pottery Barn platter that I found at the thrift.  I am really digging it the most, said the old woman who grew up in the 60's and 70's!
 The bird is the perfect blue and the plate hanger is stretched to within an inch of it's life.  I actually moved my beautiful large cloche out from under it in case of a spring failure!
Speaking of Spring, (I've got a million of em ;-) I hung a little bit of color, hoping to invite a little springtime to our neck of the woods.  I think it worked, the snow is melting and a few minutes on my deck this afternoon really felt springlike.
 Here's where the cloche ended up.
 Some faux greens and my prized piece of coral from the little bird.
 Everything got some TLC and a few of my birthday gifts got displayed.
 Oh the sky...
 how I love the sky and all it's colors and moods.
These were the fields covered in snow.  Might be our last weekend of snowblindness.  It feels as if we were moles just coming back out into the sunshine.
 I loved our winter but I am ready for spring.  Our sweet p. is so ready too.  She so wants to play in Grandma's garden, but I've been loving our cozy snuggles and tea parties and inside fun.
I am trying to finish this long WIP.  I have actually been quite the busy crafter with a few projects in the works.
We will be celebrating the engagement of Jon and Charlotte soon.  I will show you what I'm up to, helping to decorate the tables and some fun favors.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.

P.S. ... dear Kathy at Charm Bracelet Diva at made me laugh so hard at your comment on my last post.  Your blog isn't allowing me to comment, so I hope you read this and know that I heard you saying this in my head..." yeah,  cats..."  You are so funny!  Miss you my friend!

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