Monday, March 23, 2015

What a Weekend, Update

Here's our baby grand, jumping on the bed.  That's how our weekend started off.  Having our little one in the nest makes us so very very happy.  A visit from the cousins, where every cushion in the family room came off the sofa and love seat to build a "nest" for the girls.  Sweet p. was flushed in the cheeks but had a great time. When they left however, things changed quickly.  Sweet p.said she had to go to bed because she was so tired. (Mom thought that was very unusual.)  She was restless and after a while she woke up crying.  We were able to calm her and get her back to sleep but only for a while.  Then she started really crying and calling for her Mom.  She held her ear and said it hurt.  The crying for her Mom is what did me in.  I want to start crying for MY mom.  We got Kris on face time hoping that would calm her, but it just made her more upset.

To make a long story shorter, we packed her up and brought her home.  She had a terrible night, even with a baby Tylenol to ease the pain. We came back on Sunday to take her to the doctor. When they called for Penny, my heart jumped a little as I am a chicken at the doctor's office, but our girl was brave and good. She turned and called, Grandmaaaaa as Mom took her into the office, so I followed her in. It was one of those grandma moments, I love that girl so.  I always had that helpless feeling when they were in NY and we were here.  It was so good to be able to be there, but the helpless feeling when our baby is sick is harder as a grandma than as a Mom. .
Snowdrops in the city.

Penny has an ear infection,  thank goodness for antibiotics.  We went to the drug store to fill her prescription, and  Sweet p. found a Pretty Pony and some other comforts.  Not the weekend we planned, but one where we were able to be there for our little family.
 Well, Spring is snowing all over Chicagoland this morning.
 We might have 4 to 5 inches.
 My dearest was my handyman hanging the banner I showed you last week.  It really is pretty.
 Welcome to our nest.
A snowy, cozy and relieved nest today.  Just face timed with the little one and she was pretending to be at the beach, wearing sunglasses, a backpack and flip flops with her pretty pony.   A happy and grateful grandma.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

It is just so hard when they are sick. When you first started I knew you were going to say an ear infection. They hurt for sure.
I'm glad she is on meds and I hope they work fast.
I know how you love that little girl.
The flag and the nest sign are both cozy, hah.

Lynne said...

So sad and difficult when our little ones are sick. Happy she is a bit better and that you are nearby!