Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Update/Love Edition

Another busy, busy week my friends.  Time is flying and I am just holding on for the ride!

We had a guest, our baby grand.  Mom was traveling for work and Dad had work commitments too, so we got the girl for Spring Break, Wooo!  Every time we say Spring Break we go Wooo, because it's fun!
Sweet p. is still on medication for her ear infection, but feeling good and giving so much pleasure to dear old Grandpa and Grandma.
On Saturday we celebrated the engagement of our dear son Jon to his beautiful fiance Charlotte.  The kids threw a great party that brought both Charlotte's family and our families together.  Great food, great company and babies!  Let me count the babies...our own baby grand, Charlotte's niece Norah, our dear friend's daughter Lucy, our own little bug and baby bird...  Makes for a very happy and energetic party.
I decorated five tables with little vignettes.  This one for the happy couple included an owl for Charlotte and a camera for Jon, even a little wood working project Jon made in Junior High! Jon and Charlotte are so very special and love each other so much.  A happier match I cannot imagine.

 This table represented Charlotte's grandparents...
 and this table was very special to me, my parents and grandparents.
 Little things that represented their lives, and remembered them on this special occasion.
 I made these favors with book pages and craft paper streamers.
Charlotte even planned a table to keep the kids happy with projects and games.  We had vintage milk bottles everywhere with baby's breath, and W's for our last name.

 Cookies, cake, a huge pie, a fruit explosion (as we call an edible arrangement)...I never got a photo of the  of the sandwiches, salads, chips and dips. The guests enjoyed it all.
 Family, friends from near and far.
 My guys!  Mike and Amanda came from Ohio and I got in plenty of hugs with my baby boy.
 My girls, how I love these two!  Having them close has been life changing, in only the best possible ways.

Kristen now has what she has always wanted, a sister!

Such a happy time with all my kids there to celebrate.
With more celebrating to come in 2016!  (I made this sign with black poster board and old yardsticks for a frame.)  Jon and Charlotte kept the wedding date a secret (except we parents had the scoop) until they unveiled this during the party! What happy memories we made at this the first of many occasions we will share with Charlotte and her wonderful family.

Now I have just a few short days to get Easter going here in English Valley.  A couple of  hours of putting things away from the party, a day of cleaning, a day of baking, some egg coloring, basket blessing, casserole assembling, egg hiding and what I like to call "bunny work"  Better get going.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Special Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Happy Couple! Such a nice party, I like the table vignettes . . .
So 10.15.16 will be the grand day . . . Happy planning Penny!

Easter Blessings and "bunny work" to you and hubs!

Debby said...

You are always up to some fun. I love that you had Little P. for Spring Break. I know you are loving having her near.
What a great engagement party. October will be a wonderful tie for a wedding. It is a blending of families when a wedding happens. Just like new family members. Have fun getting your bunnies chores done.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

You're the hostess with the mostess, for sure Penny! Congrats on the engagement. So glad you got to spend some time with Sweet P over break! Easter is rapidly approaching and I have done virtually nothing to decorate or prepare...sigh. So unlike the days of the Easter Egg Hunts! Part of me misses them, and part of me doesn't because they really were a lot of work. But Oh so fun! Happy Easter, Penny!