Wednesday, June 17, 2015

At the Gardens

We are so fortunate to have the Chicago Botanic Gardens right down the road from us.  I have to admit, we pass the gardens more than we visit.  The Lake, just a few more minutes down the road, and free, calls to me. These gardens and all their splendor is worth the hefty parking fee.  This trip was a reminder of the treasure we have so close to home.
 The promenade looks like something out of a French painting.
 Gorgeous fountains.
  This is my all time favorite, The English Walled Garden.
 Like a scene from a romantic movie, this arbor...
 Amazing flower combinations.
 Pink roses on an arbor makes me weak in the knees.
 There's my Prince with the little princess.  They were looking for a shady spot.
 How about under the wisteria,
 or this shady cove?
Everything was lush and blooming after all the rain we've been having. There are acres and acres of gardens that we didn't see that I have visited before, and new spaces that I want to explore.

I have decided to return to the gardens, just me and my camera.  Hubby is a reluctant walker. (you know he will take me anywhere, but he is happy to observe) Once in the groove I can walk and walk.  Our babygrand wants to run...and there are bridges and pools and ponds and other dangers. In all the years of visiting with a friend or family, I've never gone alone.  I have a date with me, sometime soon to wander the gardens, take photos and just be...

Oh and to revisit the butterflies! ;-)

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

Very pretty. Is it hot there?

Lynne said...

Lovely . . . and so close . . .
I'd like it there too . . .