Monday, June 8, 2015

Summertime, and the weekend was easy.

Our Guild finishes off our year with a casual dinner.  These girls are the very best and do so much to help others throughout the year.  The cake has symbols of many of our service projects...hats, blankets, sachet hearts, pillowcases and lighthouse key chains.  Our dear Donna had this cake made for the occasion, beautiful and delicious.
I took one photo of the evening, the cake, evidence of having too much fun or being too busy.  We had a little garden theme going.  I grew zinnia seeds as favors, the centerpieces were large candles wrapped with a floral photo and tiny picket fences.
 I love peat pots, always have some in my stash.
 Fancied up the cutlery.  Whenever we are together there is sure to be hugs and laughs.

I received this pretty fused glass vessel.  Like I've said many times, these ladies are absolutely the best sisters a girl could have.
 This guy will be celebrating a birthday this week.
 We hung out the birthday flag and celebrated with our kids..(with Mike on the phone) and shared dinner and birthday chocolate eclair cake. Happy Birthday to the man who makes me very happy, everyday! It's our 41st birthday together.  Seems like yesterday... For his 18th birthday, I gave him a card and had my friend sign it too.  Too chicken to do it on my own.  I was soo smitten, still am.  Love you babe!
Look who we found at the bus stop...none other than our baby grand. (She is wearing a dress that was her Mom's!)  Thank God for the healing power of this old body of mine, I was walking without pain for the first time in two weeks.  We took our girl to the park and walked the path and played in the playground.  When that wasn't enough Grandpa and sweet p. took off into the field.  How I love to see these two together, having fun.

 We came home to a fire and smores, something we never got around to on Penny's birthday after my fall.
The long sticks never seem long enough, but Penny did as she was told and stayed in her chair.  I don't think her marshmallow ever got warm. ;-) Grandma's started on fire several times!  Two smores and we were ready to go inside.
 Had to show you this.  Grandpa was supposed to be watching baby while "Mom" aka Penny had to go to work.  Every time she came to pick up baby, baby had gotten into some kind of mischief.
We love to hear that girl laugh!

Have a great week my friends, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

What fun! So much more fun than talking through Face Time
Such a sweet little girl . . .