Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update with Sweet p.

We had a long awaited summer weekend with our grand daughter.  We had her from Thursday morning and tried to fill our days with fun.  Since the last five days have had rain, heat and humidity, most of our fun was indoors.  On Saturday we planned to go to Rockford for the Main Street Market, but the weather looked bad with 80% chance of storms.  With a stroller and three year old we decided to stay close to home.

We ended up going to the Chicago Botanic Garden to see their butterfly exhibit  We were all so very excited to go, the skies were clear so we headed down the road.  We have been going to the gardens for around thirty years, especially when we lived in the city and a large expanse of green called to us urban dwellers.

Penny was so excited to go into the butterfly enclosure.  The first butterfly she saw, well, she was thrilled. These magical large blue butterflies floated through the air and then landed on people...That was the first problem. The second problem was the butterfly above.  It looked like it had a big eye on it.  Totally freaked our girl out.  First she was in my arms, then in Grandpa's.  Finally they had to leave, she buried her head in Grandpa's chest and wouldn't even look at the butterflies!  
This raggedy guy needed a rest.  They warn you to watch where you step as butterflies like to rest on the gravel.
 Never having experienced butterflies of so many varieties and so close up was amazing.
 As grandpa and babygrand hung out outside the enclosure, Grandma went snap happy.
 Everywhere I looked another beautiful butterfly.
 They were varieties from all over the world.
 There were little feeding stations here and there.  Chances for closeups.
 They just love to pose!
 A perfect disguise.

Such a beautiful adventure, though you never know how children will react to a new experience.  Don't worry, the little one said she had a great time and the butterflies were "magical".

More soon on our visit to the gardens.  Local girls, the exhibit is open until September.  I am going back for sure.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

When to us it looks exceptional and beautiful and to our children they see " a big scary eye" . . . how wonderful there can be a "prince of a grandpa" to shelter her, carry her away to safety . . . and the warm arms, hugs of a granny that observes, listens understands . . .
That is what Penny will remember . . . the love . . .