Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cue the geese...

  A morning walk in October never disappoints.
 The geese, the sky...
 The first signs of color in the trees.
 Autumn has come late this year.
 We might have flowers into November...
 The Lambs Ear show no signs of frost.
 Marigolds speak to me as mums never can.  The smell, you either love it or hate it.  I do love it so.
The skies, oh the clouds!

 I put out a few decorations...I made the throw from a perfect cotton fabric, and the owl pillow has seen a few Octobers. That's as Halloween as I get.
 So has the garland.
 These wooden pumpkins have graced this settle for many a year.
A welcoming entry says "It's cozy inside!"

The  Chicago Cubs won the wild card game and will now face the Cardinals.  I am enjoying seeing our town celebrate. Baseball...

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

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