Monday, October 26, 2015

Seizing Autumn

Have your camera ready, since Autumn if fleeting.  November will start at the end of this week.  It manages to surprise me each year.  Where did the summer go?  Fall is rushing us to winter.
 I am enjoying each and every gift.  My neighbor's maple.
 The leaves that litter the lawn.
 The very last of the
 and white.
 Like a dream, a ride through the ravines.  So beautiful and romantic.

 The Lakefront, a perfect sky, so blue and a Lake almost too lovely to believe.

 The Sun was warm and the wind was cool.  People walked the shore in bare feet and sweatshirts.

 We walked and walked.  We kissed and a young couple was inspired to do the same.;-)

We are young at heart.

 Drinking in all that Autumn has to offer.
 Enjoying it all.
All of it a gift.

In a sewing mood, working on gifts... so no show and tell.  I do have some recent thrifting finds to share soon. Thanks so much for stopping in.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

I think this has been the best Autumn ever . . .
Happy you are enjoying some strolls and walks together . . .
Kisses too!