Monday, November 2, 2015


November just snuck up on me.  Where the heck did September and October go?  The view outside my office window says October.  We really are having a late fall here in Chicagoland.  The next few days will be in the sixties and dry.  Not like the last week in October that was wet and gloomy.  Those poor trick or treaters... but they came out and were friendly and polite and some just stole my heart.  A little boy, maybe 2,  dressed as an elephant told me he fell down the stairs.  Since we have no stairs, nor do our immediate neighbors, he was still hurting from a few houses back.  I just wanted to hug him!  He was soo cute. Anyway, I didn't see our girl on Halloween since her social calendar was packed and Grandpa was resting from a week of work and travel..  I did get to spend all day with Penny on Wednesday, when she had a bad reaction to her flu shot. (Her little arm was hot and angry red and blistered.) We got to play and snuggle and when she took a nap, I put out some Halloween decorations.  A great day.  I got a big hug and  "I am so glad that your came to my house today!"  More precious than gold!

 I told you about some recent thrift store finds.  I saw these and immediately knew they were Pottery Barn since I loved them in the store, maybe last year.  I don't know if I will burn them on a silver tray or just use them as decorations.  I just really liked them.
Another quilt saved.  Some woman's hard work, a beautiful flannel quilt, throw sized.  Picked up for a song for my girl.  Does she need another quilt? Of course she does! ;-)
 I knew as soon as I saw these, they would be mine!  They are the Twelve Days of Christmas cereal bowls from Williams-Sonoma.  I paid $5.99 for the set, with a coupon of course.  The original price $77.95!
 I love a bargain, especially a beautiful one. Perfect condition.

While my carpets were being cleaned I made these sweet pillowcases for Penny and family.  The fabric was an old sheet but with the cutest bedtime pattern.  I used the ticking stripe for the border to echo the striped pj's in the print.  They are already worn and smooth as silk.  Kris loved them!

Yes, last week I had our carpets and recliner cleaned while my dearest was out of town.  A million things to pick up and put somewhere.  Then a few days of living in the kitchen or upstairs till everything dried.

Things are shaping up for a very busy and happy holiday season around here.  Twenty three days till Thanksgiving. Just 4 until my baby boy turns 31!  Oh my goodness, how did that happen.  I've got a great surprise in store for our son.  Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness and patience with this infrequent blogger.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

I always get inspired when I see your "finds" to go garage, estate, or trash and treasure shopping.
But I just don't "do it" . . .
Maybe I need to pick a day or have a " teacher" like you!
Hope Little P is better!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Penny!

Sweet finds and I cannot believe you made those adorable
sheets --- how cute are THEY?
I am so bad at sewing. Such a gift you have!
Nice to visit you here. Hope this finds you well.