Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Update

 An early morning walk on a crisp autumn day.  (This was Friday)
 The sky just sparkles...
 and I have the streets to myself.
 Well I did have the moon.
 ...and the plants,
 and trees.
I picked up the Beekman 1902 Almanac.  It's on new stands now.  Josh and Brent are launching this new magazine.  Depending on how this issue goes they may publish it quarterly.  I love the look of it inside and out.  It features Tricia Foley a decorator and author I admire, recipes, a Beekman calendar ala Martha...  As I take the time to read each article I will report.  I have said before that these guys are the best.  I want to support all their endeavors!
 I can't get enough of these moody autumn skies.
 Yes, more parking lot photos.  It's where you can really see the sky without obstructions.
 The sky changes in minutes, and I stand in wonder.
We were so lucky to have another weekend visit with the small one. We went to find a sincere pumpkin patch.  She loved the pumpkin farm we always visited when Penny's Mom and Uncles were young.  It was cold, windy and overcast.   We froze, or I should say Grandma froze.  Penny was unfazed by the cold wind and visited every cartoon character.  Penny picked out the perfect pumpkin. A visit with the cousins, including a dance party capped Penny's visit.  So much joy having these girls together,
The Bears won, the Cubs are in a wild card game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.  I am not a big sports fan, but it seems to make the men folk happy with winning teams.  I finally updated my iPhone this weekend.  I got a hand me down phone from son Mike. Thanks pal!  This phone unlike my old phone is not run by squirrels.  The squirrels that ran my old iPhone were a fickle bunch.  They might open my camera...or send a photo if they felt like it.  It got to the point that I couldn't answer a call.  Hubby said the squirrels had to go. Great to have a working phone again... how I have come to depend on this lifeline to my family.

Mike starts a new job today.  Seems the thing to do this fall.  Good luck to my baby boy. (he just loves when I call him that ;-)

Oh October, you thrill me on the clear crisp days and vex me on the cloudy gloomy ones.   Today looks like the latter.  Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments,
Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Fall really is here, isn't it? Glad you're getting to enjoy the weekends! Never heard of Josh and Brent but for you mentioning them now and again. Think I'll have to check them out!