Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Nicest Labor Day Weekend

Edwards has the most beautiful Autumn decorations
 No one loves to plan the perfect weekend as much as me, but sometimes a perfect weekend just happens.  We had no plans as I am recovering from my fall and finger dislocation.  Having your finger in a splint really inhibits your ability of throwing a good cook out.  So we visited our favorite apple orchard and wandered the countryside.
Outside too

What a welcome!

Thankful Heart indeed!

 A ride through the cornfields was peaceful and delicious with a sack of apple cider donuts.
 We walked the Lakefront one evening.  How different the light is now that Summer is winding down.
 Our favorite tree will soon start dropping it's leaves.  Another season is coming.
 Not Christmas yet. ;-)  I was so surprised to see holly growing right near the shore.

 "and more than that it's oh so sad to see the summer end" John Denver
 A little bit of Autumn at home.

So Sunday I made a pot of sloppy joe"s and we had an impromptu get together.
The cousins came and Uncle Jon gave wagon and wheelbarrow rides for the kiddies.
 We got to spend some time with our beautiful baby beans, already five months old.   Talked wedding with Elizabeth, Kris and the bride. Watched baseball with the guys and had the best time.
We even had a sleep over with Jon, Charlotte, Kris and Penny.  Oh to have two of my chicks under our roof for the night.  Mikey, you were missed!
 On the way home from the city we stopped at the Grove for a walk in the woods.  Everything looks spent.  Gone to seed or berry.
 Not many flowers...
but still lots of green.
We ended our day with dinner with Jon and Charlotte...more wedding talk and some decisions made.
All in all a really nice weekend, and a reminder that sometimes the best things just happen.  When life gives you a dislocated finger, make sloppy joe's.;-)
Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day.


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Lynne said...

You are so right . . .
Sometimes the best times are the "no plan" times . . .
Fall us in the air around here along with rain, steam, humidity . . .
I am looked forward to cool, crisp, camp fire fragrance . . .
Happy Wedding planning/thoughts . . .