Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wedding Shower for Charlotte and Jon

 We celebrated with family and friends at a wedding shower for my son Jon and his lovely wife to be Charlotte.  Charlotte loves Owls so I ran with that as the theme.  In our family we make a towel cake as a centerpiece and gift for the happy couple.  Since the wedding will be all burlap I bought ecru towels and decorated with handmade flowers, upholstery webbing, and a couple of cute resin owls.
 The simple flowers were purchased, the roses I made.
 I also made this coursage for the bride, with a purchased owl.
 The shower was held in Chicago, in a trendy little restaurant called Fennel and Iris.
 There were a Parliament of Owls watching over the festivities.
 The favors were small glassine bags of peanut butter cups, Charlotte's favorite, or pumpkin spice tea.
 Here she is our lovely Charlotte.  What a wonderful addition to our family.
Here with the Moms, the happy couple. I love these guys so much.

 OWLS everywhere.  I made these from a Paper Source kit.

I have plenty more photos, but there is more to the story I want to share.

When the shower was nearing it's end, after a very happy time, I started to gather some of my things to take out to the truck.  One of the ladies kindly opened the door for me, my arms full,  I stepped out, completely missing a step and ended up sprawled on the sidewalk.  Humiliated, and taking an inventory of my pain, I got up and immediately noticed that I had dislocated my ring finger on my right hand.  I scared everyone with a loud hard fall, but I FREAKED everyone out with the finger going in a weird direction.

What a way to end Charlotte's shower, heading off to the Immediate Care Clinic I noticed on the way over.  To make a very long story short...It took me till yesterday to get my finger set by a orthopedic surgeon...I hurt my hand and finger on my right hand, banged my right elbow and right knee and pulled an arm muscle on my left side.  I feel so stupid.  There is so much to do for the wedding, just 6 weeks away.  I will be in a splint for 2 weeks then may need some therapy.  I've had my pity party, but I am so grateful I didn't knock my head, break a bone...  I am sore, I will be for a little while, but I am walking, using my good fingers to type, I missed a step, but at my age it could have been so much worst.  God watches over Knuckleheads like me!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I so appreciate your kindness and your friendship. 
 Enjoy this beautiful day



Melanie said...

Oh Penny...I feel SO bad for you with your accident! That is just awful. I can't imagine how much pain you're in.

On the brighter side, Charlotte's shower looked so lovely. I love owls, too! I'm not surprised that you made that cool cake and added all your special touches. You are so creative and talented!

Sending you hugs and prayers for your healing. As always, missing you and would love to hear from you either on my blog or an email.

babs said...

Oh Penny! You poor dear. Sounds like you did a number on your hand. God's way of slowing you down!
Take it easy.....lovely everything was perfect! Thinking of you!

Lynne said...

Penny, Penny . . .
I ache for you . . . and your finger,. . . sounds similar to my incident.
You had plenty of bumps and bruises and injuries with that misstep . . .
Thinking of you and hope you heal up just fine.
Loved your Owl Cake Towel idea . . , so creative.
Happy days these next six weeks will be . . .
Treat yourself tenderly . .
Love ~

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Beautiful shower and love the owl sorry you tumbled and hope you heal soon!