Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekends Don't Great Much Better

 We started our weekend taking care of business, pumpkin busness.  Our local nursery has ordered pumpkins for Jon and Charlotte's wedding.  Of course I brought a few home and a giant sunflower seed head to dry for the birds.
 It is so tranquil and serene being here during the week.
 Without the crowds...
 To admire all the beautiful things.
 We went into the city to pick up our girl. Funny that they had a pumpkin smashed on their block, and a very happy and chubby squirrel.  It's only September.
 We headed for the Lake.  Our girl is Lake Crazy like Grandma.  We walked and played.  Built a little sandcastle...
 then found this masterpiece down the shore.  It is a pleasure spending time with Penny.  She has great ideas, funny jokes, songs to share...and best of all , she still likes to snuggle.
 We went apple picking but went on Monday.  Grandpa put aside all thoughts of work and spent the day with his girls.  Orange zinnias...next year.  This year marigolds, one of my favorites.
 We picked the perfect day, had the orchard all to ourselves, and we got to drive right in!
We picked a bushel of honeycrisp.  They are huge and so delicious.
Penny and I even got a ride back to the car with our apples in a golf cart.  Poor Grandpa had to walk.
We've shared apples with Kris and Elizabeth and still have plenty to share.  I see a couple of apple pies in our future.  I haven't tried peeling yet, but I am glad to tell you that I can do most anything with my hand. The finger I dislocated is healing, and  so are my other bumps and bruises.  My pride is still a work in progress.  I feel so dumb, but it is a lesson learned.   Thank you for your kind comment and well wishes.

Now the weeks are flying by and a few jobs left to do.  I am typing a program, making favors for the
rehearsal dinner.  Did I mention that I am doing the sweet table for the Wedding reception?  More on that after the fact.  I've got a few surprises up my sleeves.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you find yourself here, I so appreciate that you take the time to visit.   Enjoy this beautiful day.

With Love, Penny


babs said...

Oh dear Penny...looks like it definitely was a perfect weekend. The weather has been fabulous! Wedding will be here before you know it. Don't work too much....you need to enjoy the event too!

Debby said...

So sorry about your trip. Ouch. I hope you're healed soon. My son did that to his finger. It is freaky. They were able to pull his out. I hate falling. I missed a step off a curb in Colorado. I was holding my grandson's hand. I told him he saved me.
So exciting about the wedding. Loved your shower pictures.
And Baby Beans is a cutie. Our little on is getting lose to two months now.

Lynne said...

Getting closer . . . enjoy the preps!
Most of all, take time to enjoy the day.
In a blink it will be . . . MARRIED and you'll be saying, how did the time/day fly by so fast!
Love seeing Little P . . . in the middle of the sand castle . . .
Creative indeed!
Happy your finger is better!