Monday, August 22, 2016

Making Summer Last


Judy Collins, ethereal.

Long Grove, Vintage Festival, Nostalgic.

Scout and Forge.  Cool Vintage $$

Candy store, just as we remembered it.
Have to visit.
Chicago, sparkles!
Prada, nope!
Lake Michigan, I love you. Chicago I love you.
Navy Pier!
Air and Water Show, WOW! THUNDERBIRDS, knocked my socks of!

* I wrote a lovely post about an amazing weekend, then blogger went all weird and I lost all the text.
Gosh darn it!  Couldn't save, copy... When I get some time I'll edit and add some commentary.

Enjoy this beautiful day!



Debby said...

Great summer photos. The last one looks like a painting or a post card.
Love that store.
Our temps here this week are lower. It has been way too hot for me. Next week the temps are going back up. I don't enjoy summer because of the heat.

Lynne said...

SUMMER . . .
you have it all . . .
Even a bit if Michigan!