Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Still Life

After a late evening walk, I came home to see the sunflowers, and was inspired to stage a photo. The sunflowers came from, my daughter, Kristen.  The bowl a gift from my husband, salt glazed and earthy looking.  The veggies from Charlotte's Aunt.  I pulled out the dishtowel and a still life was born.  Perfect for late summer.

Lovely flower pot at the fancy pants mall.
 We've been taking short trips, even went up to Door County for the day.  We decided that a long car trip is less fun as you age.  Getting out of the car after several hours takes some time.  The old bones are stiff and it takes a few steps before we straighten up.  Still we love seeing all the beauty our country holds.

 A walk at the mall and a visit, only my second to Anthropologie.  The displays are awesome, but the prices are shocking to this thrift shopping grandma..
 Not to say that I did not like the things I saw...but a $40 tea towel...not in this lifetime. 
 Seeing the displays, inspiring and creative, send me home wanting to spruce things up.
 That I did.  Moving a few things around, cleaning a bit and realizing that I have everything I need and love my home, just the way it is.  (That is today, tomorrow could bring changes.)
 More fancy pants flowers.  The color, so dreamy.  
 The clouds were spectacular yesterday.  The sky looked so big filled with giant puffy clouds.
 No rain ever fell.
 The shade was welcome after so many hot and scorching days.
 The garden has suffered.

Some of the garden looks brittle and dry.   The cool evenings of late summer will perk things up.  The mosquitoes have been awful, and have chased me inside, even in the middle of the day,  When watering the garden means a dozen bites, sorry garden.  I save my bug repellent for emergencies, like Ravinia.

Looking to finish a few projects for the shower for Charlotte and Jon.  Painting and stenciling are on the agenda too this week.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Having you stop by means so much to me.  Thank you dear friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day. 


Debby said...

I love your still life.
Maybe short trips in the car are fun. We drove to Branson and it was too far. It didn't help that it was so hot.
Don't you find you get thriftier, if that is a word, as we get order. Sometimes I feel like a cheap skate. $40 for a tea towel. I would have to have it framed as art for that price. I do like their style.
Have a fun rest of the summer. Hoping cooler temps will come soon.

Lynne said...

I agree Penny . . .
Oh my goodness the prices . . .
A tea towel for forty dollars . . .
I wonder the prices of the clothing . . .
I do what you just did . . .
Go back home and "tweak and play" with what I already have.
And liking everything just fine . . .
I liked your still life . . .
Wish the cooler, no skeeter evenings would happen soon!
I like my one dollar white creamer pitchers . . .
Different shapes and sizes.
A visit with you encourages me to hit the resale shops!
Happy week Penny!