Monday, August 1, 2016

Our 40th Anniversary

We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this weekend.
We were so very young when we were married, but luckily we got it right.
We choose from the heart and that made all the difference.
Through thick and thin we have managed to stay happily together, and very much in love. 
Together we built a family we are so very proud of.

 We hung the altar banner on our living room wall this weekend.  It is still beautiful and the sentiment still applies, LOVE IS AN ENDLESS SEASON.  I figure we are in the Autumn of our years, perfect for us since we both love Autumn so.

Our wedding invitation.  I still love it and would choose it again all these years later.

 We picked up Penny in the city and decided to visit the church we were married in.  Going there with our grand daughter was especially wonderful.  We found that the doors were open, so we went inside.

Penny took this photo...there were many where grandpa's head was missing ;-)
 It was very emotional for me and my dearest.  So many happy memories here.  Penny is always concerned when I cry.  (I cry often, for happy and sad, sentimental, commercials, you name it.) She asked what was wrong, and when she was sure all was well, she kissed my hand and ran off to explore the empty church.*

*Actually the church was not totally empty.  The music director was there, and later a woman and her child came in. I told the music director that we were married 40 years ago here at IHM.  When the woman came in we started talking and discovered that she was in the choir directed by my brother Larry in the 1980's.  Our family has a long history at IHM especially in the music of the liturgy.

Together we lit a candle and said a prayer of thanksgiving for so many wonderful years and for the beautiful family started by our love.

On Sunday all our kids were home for a anniversary brunch.  The boys were a little sluggish after Jon's bachelor party the night before, but I was so very happy to have them all home.  I never thought to take a photo, but I remember the hugs vividly!

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

 P.S.  Honey, In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, they're only made of clay but.., Our love is here to stay.


Melanie said...

Happy 40th anniversary, Penny and Tyke! How wonderful that you went back to the church you were married in. We had an outdoor garden wedding in Bensenville - the place was called Plentywood Farms. My dad married us! And then we had the reception there indoors. Unfortunately, the place is gone now. So we can't go back and visit there. Oh - your wedding invitation is beautiful, too. Mine was simple - just white and silver. I would definitely choose something different now, but sometimes our tastes change after all these years. Have a wonderful week, my dear friend! xoxo

babs said...

Happy Anniversary...forty wonderful. Love is grand!

Lynne said...

Beautiful post Penny . . .
Happy Anniversary . . .

Sarah said...

Congratulations! We celebrate 42 this August. I wish you many more years together.