Monday, August 15, 2016

Rained Out

 We had tickets to Ravinia for Friday, but were rained out.  We only buy the cheap seats on the lawn, and when it rains you are out of luck.  These are the flowers I picked for our table, in my tin Beekman 1802 cup.  (Good news, I did get a shout out from the Beekman Boys when I posted this photo to their facebook page...made me giddy!)
We were going to celebrate my dear SIL Elizabeth's birthday at Ravinia, but instead ate our picnic dinner dry, cool and comfortable at home.  Brother Greg is in a cast, which would make for a difficult time making a quick run to safety when the storms hit. The artist we were going to hear Chris Botti, put Greg to sleep as we played his tunes after dinner.  Still a very enjoyable and unusual evening.  We are rarely alone without family and kids.  Happy Birthday Elizabeth, love you so!

 Saturday was of course lovely.  We hit some local thrifts and were bitten many times by mosquitos on our evening walk.  They are awful this year.  We even applied the dreaded bug spray to watch the International Space Station go by later that night.

Then the babygrand came to spend the night.

 Penny woke up as Elsa...
 And later transformed into Anna, with the help of a dress that we found at the thrift.(Characters from the famous animated movie Frozen)  While Penny was playing with some other toys we bought, Grandma put the dress in the wash, and when Penny asked for it, the dress was ready for pretend time.  Of course we had to change hairstyles,  Anna always wears braids. Penny is growing so quickly, so much fun, great conversations.  She sang all the way home, and made both Granndpa and I cry with her beautiful voice.

 After dropping of our girl, we took the long way home and enjoyed the Lake and Sheridan Road.

 It was a beautiful sunset, helped by the forest fires in the west sending smoke and ash into the atmosphere.

 Here are a couple things I thrifted for myself earlier in the week.
 This little afghan had 4 pink pompoms that I clipped off before washing.  It's wool, but I think it's perfect for a table topper for the cooler months.
 My attempt at rock art. One of those pinterest fails, Ha!
 A seasonal candle and this cool ceramic basket patterned plate.
 Grapes, cheese and crackers and you've got a party!
 It wouldn't be a summer weekend
without a visit to Lake Michigan.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness always.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

I so enjoy you . . .
Real and authentic . . .
Jack and I like Chris Botti . . .
Penny has thick hair, beautiful in a braid or braids . . .
(I had braids as a little girl!)
I would love to hear her voice . . ,

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Hello friend! Long time no see! How are you?I so infrequently visit other blogs these is getting more and more busy as the kids get older. One is almost 17 (gasp!) one is 15 and the youngest 12 and a half. Where does the time go? I'm just trying to keep my sanity throughout it all. Hope you've been enjoying your summer and that grandbaby, she's a real doll! xo Kathy

Jill said...

Just found this lovely blog....will be catching up on all of your posts.