Monday, April 3, 2017

Ode to a Big Blue Truck

The last time at the Lake with Big Blue.
 For fifteen years, "The Big Blue Truck" as named by our babygrand,  has served us well.  It is spacious and comfortable.  Driving to the east coast, circling Lake Michigan or the back roads of Wisconsin, it was our home away from home.  Big enough to never have to say no when Kris brought 3 bags on vacation.  No problem bringing home a cabinet or buffet from Ikea, or when I would garbage pick a door or chair. Recently we had many mechanical issues with the truck, including one that stranded us in the middle of a busy four lane highway.  We are too old to be without dependable transportation.  The problem was my dearest.  He loves me, but also loves Big Blue.  A man and his truck is a sensitive subject.  On Friday I was going to meet up with my  pal Melanie.  We hopped into the truck and it started right up...but then at every stop sign or light the car died. Then the engine light came on.  We could not afford to put another dollar into a 15 year old, gas guzzling, 265,000 miles on the odometer but beloved truck.  When your Pep Boys shake their heads and point to to the nearest Ford dealer, it was taps for Big Blue.

My dearest and I rented a car and did all the things we needed to on Friday, but something clicked in my hubby's head and heart.  He was ready to let the truck go.

By Saturday morning, after we recycled two old TVs and had 100 lbs of documents shredded, we were off with printouts in hand to Carmax.  Carmax is Awesome.  We were treated so well, found a car my hubby loves and I will drive (I never once drove the truck) and we out and home in 2 hours!
Best car buying experience we ever had, and we have had many cars in our 40+ years of marriage.

 It's been a cold spring and gloomy seems to be the way each week starts out.  Had to go and look for some spring in the garden.
 So delicate looking but sturdy in these cold temps.
 Some hyacinths I planted last year look a little frost damaged.

 The grass is greening up...
 and the Robins are back.
 Had to bring a little sunshine inside.
 Speaking of sunshine, how about this color.  Last week while shopping with Penny she saw this dress and fell in love. This weekend Grandpa and I were shopping, and I told him how much Penny liked the dress, he didn't hesitate for his girl.  She was so excited to see that we bought it for her, and the matching sweater too.  She wants to wear it for Easter and her birthday in May.  Can you believe she will be FIVE!
 Trying to wish spring into being...
 My geranium is cooperating.
I finished my signs,  Mine will hang outside


Here he is, a happy man, with Medium Gray.  
 Big Blue is going to be donated to our local PBS station. 

Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Melanie said...

I am so happy you guys got a new vehicle! Nice to know that you had a good experience with Carmax. What kind of car did you get? I can't tell from the photo. Is it true though that you can't negotiate on pricing with Carmax? Because we've always done our homework on pricing beforehand and then negotiated with the car dealers. Never considered Carmax though because of the no-negotiation thing. Please let me know, as both our cars are old and have high mileage, so I know we'll be in the same boat as you in the near future!

Love the dress for sweet that grandpa bought it for her.

Lynne said...

When it's time it's time . . .
Sounds like Big Blue was ready to call it a day . . .
Nice looking new car . . .
Pretty dress for Little Miss P . . .
Five years old . . . wow . . . time sure flies . . .
We have tiny, (very tiny) bits of color outdoors.
Rain for the past few days will help green things up.

Amy at love made my home said...

I just got rid of my 16 year old car, it was a wrench to let it go but I am so happy with what I have now! You have to be ready though don't you. Hope that your new car gives you many more years of service and that you are very happy with it!