Monday, March 27, 2017

Still Waiting For Spring

 There are signs of spring, even a almost eighty degree day.  It rained most of our weekend that we shared with our girl Penny.  These are city flowers that "Mom and Dad planted the seeds for." We had a happy and quiet weekend.  Watching the movie Moana, where the Grandma dies makes me weep.  Moana's Grandmother comes back to guide her, and Penny just hands me Kleenex. (Why do they always kill off the Mother, and now the Grandmother...started with Bambi.   Mike and Amanda came for Sunday breakfast and brought Amanda's childhood favorite movie The Jungle Book.  Penny loved it and  was humming and singing Bare Necessities in the car on the way home.  The power of technology, we watched and listened to clips on the "youby tubey" on my phone.    Our girl gets a little dearer and sweeter with each visit.  
 On the way home from the city, we stopped at the Lake for a walk.  Moody skies and cooler temps kept everyone away from the Lake, except for two old sweethearts.
 There's my sweetheart.
 Usually there are lines of cars, but there was only the "Big Blue Truck."
 So serene in any weather...
 as my favorite cottonwood stands watch.

 Here are my latest finds... a ceramic basket in a soft green...
 These sweet salt and peppers,
 three gorgeous plates,
 a bunch of yellow crocus,
 A Chaplet, a string of beads used by Catholics to pray.  I have lately been collecting orphan Rosaries I find at the thrift stores.  I always admired pretty crystal beads, but as children we often had plastic beads, with our fancy Holy Communion Rosary locked away for safe keeping.  I often find Rosaries for 50 cents, but this is my first Chaplet.  I have to watch a video to see the difference between the two and the prayers involved.  My Catholic youth and sense of tradition still holds a place in my heart.

I cleaned out our linen closet that hasn't had linens in it for years.  I sent a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag home to Kristen and a shopping bag filled with items from the Kristen Willoughby archives.  Diaries, zines...  Things that are too precious to dispose of.  Kris is gonna have a walk down memory lane and I got a clean linen closet that I promptly filled with crafting supplies.
Mike and Amanda took home a couple of large bags of stuff that we have been keeping while they settled in.  I told my sweetheart we lost about 100 lbs of stuff this weekend.  Then I bought...well, how much can a plate weigh?  LOL  Like Mother like children.  

 After seeing some blooming branches online, I picked up a branch from the lawn and made one of my own.
I die cut tissue paper with a scalloped circle die.  A little hot glue and instant Spring.

While writing today I am listening to Pandora.  I haven't used this music service lately, but I used to when I had my computer in my studio.  I have a John Denver station that plays John but so many of my favorite artists.  You can like or dislike songs that come on, and it kind of learns...  Sometimes it's right on, sometimes introducing me to artists I might not ever listen to.  It's certainly not new, probably old fashioned, but such a nice soundtrack to my day.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

80 degrees . . .
Warm already . . .
I keep telling myself to go looking for white cream pitchers . . .
And then I paint instead . . .
And read . . .
Can't seem to "fire myself up!"
I finally saw two Robins on Monday . . ..
Snickers saw them too!