Monday, March 6, 2017

Long Grove Revisited

The last time we were in Long Grove was for Vintage Days last August.  On Robert Parker Coffin Road the storefront that used to house Mangel was empty.  It was my favorite store in Long Grove. I recently started following the Long Grove Face book page and they mentioned Mangel.  I was very happy to find that the store had relocated, just around the corner and across the street on Old McHenry Road.  The next day at lunch I asked my dearest if he'd like to take a little ride. We visited Mangel. and from the moment I walked into the door, it was like the old days.  It smelled like spring, and looked beautiful.  

 Mangel was always the place to find the most beautiful and unique things.  Back in the day the designer named Doug held seminars and taught techniques to make your home beautiful for the seasons. ( They still have wreath making classes).  Though Doug has since retired, the owner (I'm sorry but don't remember his name.) has kept the ambience the same soothing, playful and beautiful place I remembered.

 It's where our tradition of growing wheat grass for Easter started.  So many of the beautiful items I use throughout the year came from this store.
My friend Laura and I would visit every fall, and she would always end up buying a hat, or two.  I didn't notice any hats, but Laura would find many things she would love here.
I found a few.  A spring candle and melts for a candle warmer.  I have a candle holder in my foyer, that I am pretty sure came from Mangel.  I always have a candle burning there for the holidays to welcome the family.  I also found a butterfly themed gift for my little gardener to put in her Easter basket.
We had a interesting and informative conversation with the owner.  He's hoping for a revival of the Long Grove of days past.  My favorite time to go was always on a Tuesday when I would have the whole town ( it seemed)  to myself.  

I hope any local girls who remember Long Grove and haven't been lately to come visit.
Long Grove has many festivals throughout the year, check out their face book page or Mangel's face book page for more info. 

 Our find of the weekend.  Some cubbies for a small girl with a large library.  It's really sturdy and  we thought of our girl. It was $9.99 at the thrift.
 Speaking of being thrifty, they recently opened a Aldi store near home.  Near the door they often have plants, flowers and on the day I visited, bulbs in bulb glasses.  While Penny was visiting she kept on petting, talking to and watering the plants.  I guess it worked for now I have this lovely looking and smelling hyacinth in full bloom.
 This little miracle...a coleus that I sprouted in water before the first frost is flowering.  It is tiny but oh so lovely.
 A little under the weather I cheered myself up with some  roses.  Got a cold from someone...I wonder who would give a cold to a kind old grandma?  She is worth every cough and sneeze.
I added a few springy touches to the buffet.  Just a few weeks till Easter.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments and good wishes for my daughter Kris.  Everything went very well, the surgery was uneventful and her recovery is going well.  My good friend Melanie from Comfy House is also recovering from surgery.  Wishing her well. We need to thrift together soon my friend. 

Have a great week, maybe I'll post before, I'm feeling crafty! 

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny 


Lynne said...

What fun . . .
So many pretties . . .
Touches of spring . . .
Flowers, greens, bunnies . . .
Going back and finding the new location.
You put some spring in my step . . .
Happy Kris is doing ok . . .
Nice cubbie find for 9.99. . . .

Melanie said...

I used to love Long many good memories of that place from days past. So sad that it's mostly a ghost town now. Your buffet sure is looking pretty and all ready for Easter. So glad to hear Kris is recuperating nicely from her surgery. Thanks for mentioning me - that was so sweet of you! I can't wait to go thrifting with you again.