Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter, Out My Window

We woke up this morning to a beautiful covering of freshly fallen snow.
Since I was a child, March snow is not that unusual in Chicagoland.
Many a Easter Sunday came with snow on the ground and dashed hopes of wearing the new spring coat or sweater without the winter coat over it.
Well, if winter wants to stay outside, I've got a spring vibe going on inside.
 My SIL Elizabeth brought me the little jadeite covered bunny jar, and asked if I had others...
I walked her into the family room to see my mantle already decked out with all my covered
jars and a space, I swear, where her gift fit perfectly...
Elizabeth anticipates my every whim.  It's spooky sometimes, but we know each other so well.
When I bought her an olive bucket for Christmas, Elizabeth said, "How did you know I wanted one?"
I wanted one too, so I knew she would like it.

 A few changes to the buffet.  Some pops of color here and there.
This is DIL Charlotte's pop crate from her Grandparent's farm.  I filled it with all the little ceramic bunnies, birds and a tiny lamb that Penny has been playing with.  At Grandma's house there is a go ahead and touch rule.  Play but be careful, and she is.  I always remember how much I wanted to touch things when I was little.  Especially scissors!  They were off limits, even later as a teen, we had to ask permission.  Buscia's scissors were especially a no no.  I have Mom's scissors and Buscia's too. I cherish then but they are terrible scissors. They don't cut a thing!  It might explain why I have so may pairs of scissors today.  Yes, Penny can use my scissors with supervision, but still NO RUNNING WITH SCISSORS! ;-)
 My dearest was traveling last week, while I stayed home and nursed my cold .  I wasn't alone much.
Elizabeth came to watch Fixer Upper episodes together.  Mike and Amanda came to visit and ate pizza one night.  Doug and Penny visited as they waited for Kristen to land after her trip. Jon kept in touch by phone.   I was so glad to have my guy back home, and for the sleep that only comes when he is close and warm.
 A little something I bought for under the dish drainer at the sink.  Hob Lob, all the Spring is 40% off.
 I walked past this print and went back to buy a yard.  It will lend itself to pockets or small gift bags.
 The prints are so pretty.
Then these little moss covered eggs, also on sale.  I saw similar eggs on pinterest tied with pastel ribbons.  Moss makes such a mess, all I'll have to do is tie some bows for some pretty accents. 

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Mike and Amanda and Amanda's sister Desi.  
It was a pleasure to meet and visit with these wonderful young people.  Desi has a inspirational life story, she has overcome much and is now a teacher. I encouraged her to write about her life and learned that  Amanda and Desi want to write a children's book.  Amanda is a talented artist and Desi tells a important story about children in foster care.  It was so good to get to spend some time to talk with Mike and Amanda and meet Desi.  I will always be grateful to have them close.  
The Sun will set at 6:57 tonight.  I love daylight savings time.  I love winter but not the darkness that comes with it.  We will enjoy walking in the light again, seeing our neighborhood and our neighbors again.  Checking out the progress of the plants and trees as we slide into Spring.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny  


Melanie said...

I love your spring buffet - there are so many pretty things to look at! I love the little animals in the wonder your granddaughter wants to play with these creatures! They're tempting even to adults. :-) I'm glad you had so much company while your hubby was out of town. I wish I could've been part of that company, but I know it will happen soon. I'm growing stronger day by day. I start formal PT tomorrow, so I am hoping I feel up to a visit with the next week or two. Sound good? It's wonderful to have daylight until 7:00 again, I agree!

Lynne said...

Winter out the window . . .
Springtime inside . . .
For Sure!
(Happy St Patrick's Day!)