Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Photographs and Memories

 So many times we drove this road to Galena with our kids.  W'd  spend a few days each summer for at Eagle Ridge in the Galena Territories for many years..  Now it's just us, my dearest and me, on a day trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Galena, is beautiful rolling countryside, a unique topography.  Most of Illinois was scraped by glaciers 10,000 years ago, so our state is mostly flat. The hills and valleys and lush farmland make for amazing vistas along Route 20.

 We walked along main street.  So few of the stores we always visit are still here.
 This was called The Store Next Door... What a great building.
 I love the side streets.
 Lace curtains in the windows makes me swoon.
 Whenever I see a reflection photo, it makes me think of Somewhere in Time...When Richard first sees Elise in a reflection.
 Who doesn't love a screen door?
 Look at that staircase. Wow, what a way to make an entrance.
 Sounds familiar ;-)
 In it's third location, I always have to stop at Ink and Stamp with Sue.  I bought a new die, a romantic filigree design.  I will have many opportunities to use it with Mike and Amanda's wedding a little more than a year away.
 I tried to take some different views, since I've photographed Galena so may times through out the years.
  Featured in one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams...It's where Doc Grahams office was.
 A house, of course.
 This store was amazing.  It sold Joanna Gaines wall paper, Annie Sloan Chalk paint and so many trendy and beautiful things.  Of course I started to take photos and then saw the No Photos Please sign.  Anyway, this pillow was delicious.  Linen, stuffed with feathers and a simple heart shape.  The cost, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!  I did not catch the name of the store, but worth a visit to main street to check it out.  It was on the left hand side of the street, near a shop that sells  all things Garlic.
 This is the De Soto House.  A famous visitor was Abraham Lincoln.  He actually made a speech from the balcony in 1856.  I thought I saw him up there, but unfortunately didn't show up in the photo.  Though Lincoln was actually born in Kentucky, Illinois is called the Land of Lincoln. We have many historical sights, including his home is Springfield.
This wallpaper was in a hall just off the street.  There was similar wallpaper in the shop with the pricey pillow.  I just love the look.
 I'm going backwards in time since on Sunday we had a barbecue with all our kids, and extended family to belatedly celebrate Independence Day and our anniversary.  My beautiful girls.  Our babygrand had her back to school check up and had a couple of immunizations.  Her little arm swelled, just like mine did when I was young.
 This is Baby Z.  She is shy with Auntie Penny, but I did put her to sleep again, and got to kiss that sleeping beauty.
 Son Jon took a few photos of us for posterity.  We couldn't have a photo without our girl.

 Elizabeth with the" Little Bug", not quit little at 5 years old and now a big sister too.
If you have been following me for a while, I used to babysit my "Little Bird", that's her, the tall one, so grown up.  The cousins are so very sweet together.  Lot's of hugs, running, pretending, hide and seeking.  Penny could not wait for them to arrive and the goodbyes lasted forever.  Notice only one is looking at the camera.  It's like herding butterflies!

...speaking of butterflies, here's one I caught sipping nectar from my zinnias. 

I'll end this with a kiss.
So much more to show and tell you.  Maybe even a second post this week.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Happy Anniversary you two . . .
I have traveled that HWY #20 many a time.
Really nothing else quite like that beautiful drive with the hill/valley contrasts . . .
And Galena is filled with such charm and history . . .
Sweet post Penny . . .
I can't believe it, "the littles" are growing, changing . . .

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more happy ones!