Monday, February 26, 2018

As February Ends

 The usual suspects visited our local nursery for a demonstration about birds of prey, Owls, Falcons and Hawks. The Owls were our favorites. Penny thought they were the cutest things and I agree.  Two were very small and sweet.  The large Barn Owl was gorgeous. 

 They were all rescued and rehabilitated. 

 Some of the birds would not cooperate and pose for photos.

Then there was this lady! A beautiful but fierce looking Red Tailed Hawk. Penny moved from her aisle seat to between Grandpa and me when she came by.  Can't say that I blamed her.
Penny asked questions and was very interested in learning about the birds.  It was an excellent chance to learn about conservation together.  I didn't get a photo of the beautiful American Kestrel.  We saw one in the neighborhood last year.  We learned that sighting them is increasingly rare.  I see hawks very often in our yard and in the neighborhood.  I also know the sound of the local bird's alarm call when the hawks are on the hunt. 
 Penny stopped to draw at the nursery
 We looked out to see the empty yard.  We remembered last Summer, coming for flowers, and pumpkins in the Autumn and spruce tops in the Winter.  Plus the wonderful visit with Santa and seeing the trains at Christmas. 
Traditions we can share with our girl.

The Winter Olympics are over.  We enjoyed the skating and skiing and even the curling.  I had to include this "Fiendish Thingy" that is in the park on Lake Michigan.  If you are not familiar with  the term "Fiendish Thingy", check out the movie, Help, starring the Beatles. ( It would have been George Harrison's 75th birthday on Sunday.)   I'll have to look up Gerry Duguid and find out the significance of the curling stone in the park.
 The Lake that was frozen solid two weeks ago was tranquil and a vivid blue. 
 We though we might walk the Botanic Gardens, but got out of the car at the Lake.
We were so glad we did.  It was just warm enough to be comfortable, and brisk enough to
get our blood moving.

 The sand was packed down and it was easier to walk the beach.
 I so love to have the Lake to ourselves.

 You know I have to have at least one photo of my shadow and better half.
 We had to walk across this little creek that formed,
 We had a large storm Saturday night with strong winds and rain.

 Out in the water were five white birds.  Snow geese or swans?  We couldn't tell from the beach but they sure looked lovely.
 Just a few icebergs from the ice of the previous weeks.
 I just had to touch the ice.  Closest I'll get to an iceberg.
 This is also ice, still covering the rocks.
 "Sunshine on the water, looks so lovely.  Sunshine almost always makes me high." -John Denver

 Reflections of an old friend.

My old friend the Cottonwood.

Our girl had a prom at our house

This was her date.  This pool noodle stands in for dates and princes as the occasion demands. His name is Josh, but today he was Sam. Please notice the pink cowboy boots under her dress.
I love this part of being a Grandma so much.  The pretending.  I still love to pretend, and Penny has quite the imagination.
 Pearls and earrings.  A touch of eye shadow and blush. " Grandma, we forgot the lipstick!"
I found the dress at the thrift.  It was so big when I bought it.  Now it's just right for Prom.
The peonies also came from the thrift.

I had to play several songs to dance to, and then the buffet,  You have to have snacks for the dancers.  Penny put out all the things I had in the hot chocolate bar, marshmallows, two kinds, and gingerbread cookies, a bagel and blueberries from breakfast.  It was a lovely event with the perfect hostess.
My heart just bursts with love for our girl.  We have so much fun together.

I also wanted to mention that Penny read me a bedtime story!  I told her I've waited a long time for her to read to me, I even had the book of Read Your Own Bedtime Story waiting for the right time.
Our Penny will be six in just a couple of months. Time does fly when you are having fun. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

Lots of beautiful photos -- what a magnificent beach! But best of all, your sweet girl. She's just lovely, all dressed up!

Lynne said...

I loved this February Stroll with you . . .
What a treat to see “Penny at Prom” and . . .
that she can now read you a bedtime story . . .
Oh my . . . growing up so fast!