Monday, February 12, 2018

Twelve Inches of Snow

Snow, Snow SNOW.  Just like the song from White Christmas.   It started Thursday night and stopped on Sunday.  With the help of our wonderful neighbors and their snow blower, we made it through.  I've shoveled and shoveled and shoveled some more.  Clearing off the car only to have it covered again and again. 
 It was cozy inside but there is that problem called CABIN FEVER! When the flakes stopped briefly and the radar was clear we braved the snowy roads and went to see the snow sculptures in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. 
 You are going to have to identify for yourself these amazing works of art.  It was 11 degrees with the wind blowing briskly off Geneva Lake.  My fingers were frozen in seconds when the glove to camera
did not work and it had to come off.

 Hint: There was an under the sea theme.

 We actually had more snow at home than in Wisconsin.


 There were "crazy people" all over the frozen lake.  Not my words, but the words of a mail carrier we passed on our way back to the car.
 No one expects to see a Gator in February in Wisconsin.

It was beautiful to see but oh so cold out there.  We were dressed for cold, but not for the Arctic blast
we got off the lake.

Cabin fever begets creativity.  I have been sitting on these hankies.  I don't even remember where I got them.  Maybe at a rummage sale.  The frame was my hubby's.  It contained business cards of famous people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison... silly art for a office. Well, it sat for years and after seeing something similar somewhere, (Pinterest perhaps) I got out the iron and pressed those hankies.
When I was finished I thought the frame would look better painted.
Here it is hung in my sewing, crafting and wedding prep room aka as a craftastrophy.

 A run to the grocery store and brought home a little bit of Spring.
 This is my block.
 My tree.
 My rock.
 I love a winter sky.

 My arbor in the snow.

 Our home snug in the cold.
 Sunday was spent at home, but the snow fell and needed to be cleared from the driveway and the car.  When we were finished with just two hours till sunset, we headed to the Lake.  Funny, we couldn't remember ever driving through a winter wonderland to the Lake before.
 We've been to the Lake in all seasons...
 This is the first time I've seen the Lake frozen over.
 Her mystique is not in her power,
 but in her beauty, in all seasons.
We were almost home by sunset, and what a sunset it was.  The sweet end to a cozy weekend,
 the beginning of a wonderful week.

We'll be celebrating three birthdays.  Our dear son Jon, our son Daddy Doug
 and a young at heart old lady, me.
When I turned 55 eight years ago, I wanted to do something brave.  I went to a blogger event, even though I was just a lurker.  That event was the catalyst for me to start my own blog. Here I am 8 years later.  Surprised that I have stuck with it.  Surprised and grateful that I have people who read what I write.  Surprised that my life, though cyclical in many ways, has changed   I am awed and have greater appreciation for everything. Stopping to look at the snowflakes, amazed at the sky at sunrise, the trees.  In every aspect of my life, it is richer, more full, more satisfying.  Contentment. Happiness. Love.  Patience... I still have to work on that.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Jeanie said...

What spectacular snow sculptures. It almost makes me want to embrace the snow that is outside here! Almost. Well, maybe if those were in my neighborhood!