Monday, October 8, 2018

Holding On

A foggy morning in October.  Summer is holding on. Grass is green and some flowers still in bloom.

 The zinnias and the marigolds love the cool nights and warm, sometimes hot days.

 Inside, make no mistake, it's Autumn.  Comfort food is on the menu.  Today it's old fashioned potato pancakes, and tomato basil soup.  I grate the potatoes in the food processor.  Them remove the grated spuds and replace the grating blade with the regular cutting blade and pulse just a few times to "grate" the potatoes to the perfect consistency.
 Two eggs, flour, salt and pepper.
 Mix well.
 Mom fried them in lard.  I use vegetable oil, and fry them up crisp.  Mom and Buscia used to peel and grate ten pounds of potatoes for our family, back in the day.  Buscia on the box grater.  She'd save me the little bits that were too small to grate without losing the skin on her knuckles.  I still have a fondness for raw potato.  Takes me back to those days long ago.
 At our house potato pancakes always were served with tomato soup.  Mine is a Rachel Ray doctored canned soup recipe, using V8 veggie drink, cheddar cheese soup, with the canned tomato soup and dried basil.  
Nothing is better on a wet and dreary Sunday. As my dearest said, "It hit the spot."
We were later joined for a quick visit from our baby grand.  It's such a pleasure to have them drop in.  They have a new car and new found freedom.  
Sure is sweet to see them more often.

 Earlier in the week I got to take a few photos of our honey locusts out front.  They are a fleeting thing.  One day yellow and then the leaves drop.
 I've been taking the same photos for years, but it delights me to see the the tiny leaves change...
 against a clear blue sky...
 and litter the ground with gold.
 The hosta are finished with their blooms.  Holding on for these last few perfect days of Autumn.

 I welcomed my Guild Sisters for a meeting, and treated myself to these perfect sunflowers.

Advice from a Sunflower:
Be Bright, sunny and positive.
Spread seeds of happiness
Rise , Shine,
and hold your
Head High.
-Author Unknown

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Jack loves Potato Pancakes.
I don’t make them often, but like them crispy, like yours.
No doubt it would be tomato soup for my Mister Irish.
It is my least favorite soup. Not sure why . . .

Love the Honey Locust trees and leaves.
Have I ever mentioned, it was going my dad’s favorite tree.
Mom and dad had two beautiful Honey Locust in the front
and his other favorite, Birch, in the back.

Drippy, humid weather here.
I need to mow but we have had so much rain . . . too wet!

Nice your kiddos stopped by in their new car.
Exciting days ahead with twins arriving.
I am sure Penny will enjoy her cousins!
The house will be bubbling with noise, excitement!