Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Snowy End of April

 As the snow fell yet again in April, my thoughts were on my garden.  Freshly mowed grass, cleaned pots and fountain.  Just waiting for some warmer weather.  The 4 inches of snow fell in big clumped bunches and covered the lawn and emerging plants.  The trees just had buds ready to pop.  Everything covered in a blanket of my beloved snow.  I just could not remember such a significant snow so late in the spring. Especially when the snow was falling at 7:30 in the evening and it was still light outside, that was just weird.

By the time I got up the next morning, it was still a magical winter wonderland outside, but by noon, most of the snow was melted and it was spring again.

Just wanted to chronicle this historic late season snowstorm.

 My poor hostas, lucky they are hardy.

 In the morning when the sun came out, it took my breath away. So beautiful.

 Our neighbors apple tree.
 The fountain running, no ice.

My geranium I wintered inside was covered in snow but seems to be fine since the thaw.

 What did I do during the storm?  I sewed. Pincushions and bags. 

 Made gifts for friends, while my dearest slept or watched science fiction flicks.
A quiet but good weekend, together.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend and faithful reader of my blog, Jean.
Always there when I need a friend, Love you!

Happy May to all of my friends who visit me here, At Home in English Valley.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


babs said...

Your talent amazes me.....lovely pincushions. Must be for the church sale!

Lynne said...

Magical snowstorm indeed . . .
Wonderful photo chronicle Penny.

It is May . . . I am ready . . . how about you!!
AND . . . how about some, “Sunshine On My Shoulder . . . “

Love, Love . . .

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Mary in Colorado said...

I'm worrying about you and greatly missing your blog posts. Hope all is well and that you are just busy helping with your new grand babies.

Suzan C said...

I agree with Mary in Colorado

Alexa said...

Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D


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