Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby Jesus

My Mom found this baby in an antique store many years ago. She thought, in fact, we all thought that it was Baby Jesus. As far as we were concerned, it wasn't Christmas until Baby Jesus took His honored spot underneath our Christmas tree. Now that Baby Jesus is mine, He still is my most precious Christmas item, even though I now know that this is a Piano Baby, and not in fact Baby Jesus. While shopping in an antique mall, I found another Piano Baby. I sent the photo to my daughter with the caption, "Baby Jesus has a sister!" Piano Babies were all the rage in Victorian times. No self respecting piano, was caught without a shawl and a piano baby.

Nothing will change my our tradition, and I will continue to display our Baby Jesus for as long as I'm able. Someday, I hope that one of my children will do the same. Just a reminder that it all started with a Baby, Bambino Divino... One cold and blessed winter, in days beyond recall, a Child was born to save us, born to save us all...

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