Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Cookie Tradition

It's time to bake the cookies...It is a family tradition. My Mom was a baker extraordinaire. She baked almost every day. Dad came to expect it, and my 4 brothers and I did too. Mom made cakes and pies, breads and donuts, but Mom's cookies were legendary. All the Polish kolachki, Italian biscotti, chocolate peanut butter balls she made could feed a small army and then some. The variety was staggering. Old favorites and new additions filled platters that were delivered to friends and family. Now the job of cookie making and sharing is mine. I've been accumulating ingredients for weeks. I made of list of the must haves, and this year it's 14 kinds of cookies I'll bake.

I feel my Mom's spirit whenever I bake, but especially this time of year. I remember all her hints and tips. I use Mom's magic pans... I have a kitchen aid mixer and a dish washer and an island with all my baking ingredients, things Mom never had, but I wish I had her here with me.

The wind is howling outside, and a snow storm is on it's way. A perfect day for baking, and remembering. Stay safe and warm my friends.

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