Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends are like snowflakes...

No two are alike, each are beautiful and perfect. I'm blessed with a group of friends, sisters really. We work together all year and then celebrate together in December with a Christmas meeting and mini auction to raise funds for our service projects. Last night we made over $500.00! These are snowflake pins I made for each of them. Just a little felt and some snowflakes I found at the Hob Lob last year. I embossed the tags I attached them to.
These are some of the items from the auction. We had so many lovely items, from the beautiful watercolor painting, hand crafted snowmen, wreaths and so many hand crocheted items. We call it the "Labor of Love Auction" and it truly is.
Today, I'm wishing for a hot shower. We lost our water heater and are hoping for a speedy delivery of a new one... This Little House on the Prairie, heating the water for everything, is fun for about 24 hours. I washed my husband's hair yesterday, remember Out of Africa? More messy than romantic, but I kinda liked it. We are so spoiled by modern conveniences, takes a little breakdown for us to really appreciate how cushy we have it. Enjoy this beautiful day, and hot water if you have it;-)

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