Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Pierogi

Buscia's rolling pin!

Every nationality has their dumpling, and here in English Valley we make Pierogi, Polish filled dumplings. It's a messy, labor intensive process. My Buscia, though in her 80's made them by the hundreds. This third generation, soft from an easy life granddaughter, made about 100, with the help of kind man. I have no recipe to follow, just the experience of seeing them made every year of my life that my Buscia and Mom shared with me.

When I was little, Buscia took over the kitchen for the day. We ate lunch at the dining room table. Occasionally the door to the kitchen would open and a billow of steam would escape. Buscia covered in flour, might say hello to us, but there was no time for chatting.

Crimping the edges, an important job, usually given to toddlers, though a kindly adult will suffice.

I filled all my pierogi with potato. It's the family favorite.

The pierogi are boiled in salted water, till they float to the top. On Christmas Eve, I will fry them in butter and watch them disappear.

Another family tradition kept, remembered and cherished.

Wishing to remain anonymous, I'd like to thank ______ for his help and support!
Love you honey ;-)

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Pamela said...

HI Penny!

I love Pierogi's and made them once. I couldn't believe how much work was involved!
My cousin Karen just made enough for an army and just did a post on them on her blog...ow my angst
which is on my blog sidebar.
Merry Christmas Penny!!
Pamela xo

Melody said...

We love Pierogi. My husband is Polish and his Grandma always made them. We always say we are going to try & make some but neither of us know how.

tikascm said...

What better help could you possibly have than that wonderful man!! Hugs - Carmella (PS - save one (only one) for me if you can)

Anonymous said...

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