Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage Baby Shower

Hi everyone, It's been an amazing weekend. The shower for our daughter Kristen was a great success. So many wonderful friends and our special family all came together to celebrate Kristen and Doug's baby, our first grandchild! Kris goes back home today, leaving behind stacks of the cutest clothes, a tiny bushel of socks, handmade blankets and enough books to start her own library. Everyone was so generous, and the Mom-to-be couldn't be more grateful. (We will be delivering them to NY in a few weeks.)

I hope you enjoy my little slide show of the festivities. Thanks to my friend Marci who shared her photos. The music is from The National Parks Soundtrack, and called Across the Ocean, I just really like the song!

Have a great day my friends!


Aunt Barb said...

Everything was perfect! Loved how your little touches were every where. Your candy bar, the sandwiches, the bunting,,,,everything was fabulous. Hope you had a great time with the shower.

Lynne said...

I told you it would be fabulous . . . everything looks wonderful. Love the baby doll and toys . . . Your daughter looks very happy!

Debby said...

Love the video. I can't even begin to tell you how much you are going to lov this baby. Was that your daughter's doll when she was little. I just saw another shower picture a few minutes ago with the onesies......are they real ones or a banner. So cute.