Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Brooklyn Shopping...

There were "vintage stores" and yarn stores in the neighborhood.  I bought 3 buttons for $6. 

This tree was made completely from knitted items.

Kristen comes home to Chicago to get yarn, it's pretty pricey in NY,
 but they seemed to know her in this shop!

Sure looked cool!

Speaking of cool, I saw a dog!  A Great Pyrenees, at of all places IKEA!  The weirdest location of any IKEA, until they put one on the moon! This Ikea has it's own dock and is right on the waterfront.  There are giant cranes right in front of the store.  Doug told us that all of their stuff is delivered by boat or barge.   I'll show you what I bought later.  Shopping is no occasion for photography, at least here.  Things do move  faster in NY, and the yellow ones really don't stop.  (All I know about NY is from the movie Elf
and from Kristen;-)
We all went to a great grocery store, again,  near a dock, by the harbor. It is called Fairway.  I could have easily spent another hour just looking at all the stuff.  Nothing is big and open like our grocery stores.  They all have funny gigs and jags, narrow aisles, impatient shoppers.  The harbor is where Lady Liberty stands, and is easily visible from the dock.  I loved seeing her in person,
though I should have sung my patriotic medley...maybe next time.
My hubby is in so much trouble for always making a crazy face in my photos.  Kristen looks great and Doug, well he's been in NY about ten years, he wants to shop!

Boy, we look like Grandma and Grandpa don't we!
 This is what I bought at Ikea. The bird tray for my sweet SIL Elizabeth, you can't find them at our Ikea.  A few matching bird napkins, a liberty of london type print tablecloth, a rose print runner, and a wind up clock that also never seems to be in stock here.
Since we had another 13 hour drive home the next day, I didn't buy groceries, but cool waxed lunch bags and paper sandwich bags and kraft type muffin liners.  I also found vanilla beans for under 3 dollars.
It just might be the world's greatest food store.

At Ikea the kids found a new coffee table that Doug later built, and we found a great rocking chair for Kris with a woodland themed chair pad that Grandpa built...that will take us to tomorrow's final post of our Brooklyn whirlwind trip.  Have a great day my friends. 

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Jill said...

Those buttons are fabulous but I can't believe the prices!

The Great Pyranses made me swoon. I used to have dog EVER and I still miss him!

Debby said...

Well it looks like a good time was had by all. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, hah.

Lynne said...

Great fun to visit new isn't it. Becky looks happy as she is waiting for "little bundle". Gram and Gramp do too! Smile!