Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working, At Home

Testing out a new banner I received as a gift, on the buffet.  Cleaned up, put things away, changed things up. The mirror is a garbage picked find from years ago.  I used a large rubber stamp to place ferns around the frame.  I used acrylic paint and it has held up to many Windex wipes through the years. 

Some faux ferns and herbs will have to do for now.  Funny how a pop of green freshens things up.

The banner is felt with a burlap top, it came from Target. Thanks Audrey, you know what I like!

A crackled finish, a topiary with ivy, a small bird and a terra cotta pot...what's not to like... and for $1.99 at the GW...oh, I forgot the nest.  I do like a nest.

This cloche was a Hob Lob find a few years back, 90 percent off.  Leftover candy and a few more greens.

 Ever need to perk up a hydrangea...these came from one of the  shower arrangements.
 Immerse the whole thing in cold water, after giving the stem a fresh cut.
 After a couple of hours they come back to life.  Too pretty to give up on just yet

I hope that the skies clear up around here tonight.  The Northern Lights, are predicted to give a great show.  We saw them back in November of 2001, right here in the northwest burbs, and it was an awesome sight. It's a rare event at this latitude, but this was a major solar flare and the possibility is there.  Fingers crossed!  Check it out here.  Have a great day my friends.

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Hot House Market said...

Hi Penny~ your home looks great :) I too hope the sun and the tulips come out soon! We missed you at TVB! Hope to see you soon~ <3 Carrie

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Hi Penny! Once again you have channeled my creativity! On my To Do list has been painting/stenciling a mirror! So glad to hear I'm (hopefully) not nuts! Such a lovely spring vignette. You've given me inspiration.

Lynne said...

Everything looks so pretty. Thanks for the hydrangea tip . . .