Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picking up the pieces...

The blustery days we've been having have caused some damage around the old homestead.  My gazing ball was the first casualty.  The rest was tree limbs, blown over chairs, and horizontal hydrangeas.  Just comes with summer weather.  I feel sluggish in this weather...but am determined to accomplish a few things today.  Yesterday I discovered You press a "button" and a random tutorial pops up.
I found some awesome blogs this way.  I will refrain from "The Button" today, in hopes of finishing a few real world crafts I need to put in the mail this week. 

Great news!  I have one cherry tomato!
Kristen suggested that we share it ala Mickey Mouse when he shared a bean in paper thin slices.
The real great news is that Penny smiled at me while we were face timing!  Kristen and I started to laugh, that turned into a cry.  SO sweet and a moment I'll never forget.  Kris was showing me PJ's band aided little thigh from a shot she got at the Dr., and I said, OH NO!  Penny thought that was funny. 

Just a few photos of the pots that have really taken off.  It's the constant watering.  We may need to do a rain dance soon.

Everything is on the deck right now, but later in the summer we'll have a party...and the pots will go all over the yard.

The wagon (That was Kristen's when she was little.) is full of four o'clocks, an old timey flower with the sweetest scent. Reminds me of my Buscia...she taught me how to collect the seeds when I was young. The only thing not growing...hollyhocks...they were old seeds, just thought I'd try. My patch did not come up this year.

Keep cool my friends and have a great day.

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savvycityfarmer said...

can I have dibs on the cherry tomato??
love them ...

that wind was AWFUL ....
ripped up a new patio umbrella here ...
glad YOU are ok

Aunt Barb said...

Was terribly windy on this side of the pond also. Your plantings are doing great.

A Baby P awesome is that!

Looks like rain plants will be happy!

Debby said...

we really need rain here. It is really the 90's. I will have to venture out and water later tonight.
Are they going to call the baby PJ....that's cute. So sweet that she smiled at you.
Too bad about your gazing ball.