Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Romance at Ravinia

A beautiful spread, from a table nearby...
For the last 40 years, I've been attending concerts at Ravinia, a beautiful outdoor venue on the North Shore.  The first time, way way back... I went with friends to see John Denver.  On our honeymoon we saw and danced to Barry Manilow!  We've seen Tony Bennett, Jim Brickman, James Taylor, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra...and heard the most beautiful music under the stars.  Last night we went again.  This time to hear Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.  It was billed as a night of comedy and bluegrass music, and that's exactly what we got. We laughed at all of Steve's jokes, LOVED the great bluegrass music, the excellent sound system, the great weather, a friendly and respectful crowd that was really into the music. There were so many families, grands to tiny babies! 

photo from the Ravinia website
If you came of age in the 70's like we did, Steve Martin was "our" comedian.  From his appearances on SNL, his comedy albums, they are all part of our youth...  Maybe because so many of our favorites didn't survive the 70's and 80's that we treasure Steve Martin all the more.  Still sooooo funny, a talented song writer, amazing banjo player, excellent actor, storyteller and writer.
  I love this guy!
I'll need to post someday about his movies,
 my favorite, LA Story...

If you haven't been, you've gotta go enjoy
 "The Ravinia Experience."

This was our staked out piece of lawn.
Yes, we even have a "Ravinia Table."

With the sweetest of sweethearts by my side, sharing some laughs,
 relaxing, people watching, snacking
 and sharing a toast to our 38 years of dating! 
Yes, I do remember all those dates from way back when...

We shared it all with 12,000 people...or so Mr. Martin tweeted after the concert!

There is something about candlelight
 under the stars that's so romantic...
It was a great summer weekend...
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.
Have a great day my friends!

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

What a beautiful way to spend an evening together! I love Steve Martin, too. Glad you had such a good time.

Debby said...

So sweet. I'd love to see Steve Martin. My friend loves to go and watch him.

Lynne said...

Looks so charming and romantic. Steve Martin would be delightful to see, meet, hear!

One time, not too long ago, we were driving through Chicago and Jack wanted to stop and tour a culinary school/setup/whatever on the Northshore and the Ravinia (sp) was setting up. We were enveloped into the 10-12,000 and I thought we would never find our way out!

We made it though . . . thought I would never see that word agin. And now here you are, telling me it is a favorite summer happening for you.

I will return to your post and check the spelling! SMILE

Great post!

Anne Marie said...

I totally agree! Beautiful -
we are hoping to make it up there this summer! yeah!

Anonymous said...

I think you and I must be the same age and all your numbers match up to mine. I remember the 70s and Steve Martin like it was yesterday!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Suzan