Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Mantle and Buffet

Summer is just around the corner so time to change things up a little.  I started with my empty mantle...First I have to say that I packed up all the stuff I used for my Spring mantle and labeled the container with a detailed list of what was inside.  Through the years I've collected so much stuff, but I find I use only a few things I really like. 

I started with the water..aka some sheer fabric with a watery hue.

Added a seascape I bought for 50 cents last year, a sailboat, some driftwood...(to admit that I can't find my 4 ft. piece of driftwood, would be telling...imagine the state of my basement storage, that I can't find a 4ft piece of driftwood!)  a lighthouse...
A sea inspired platter, lantern, more driftwood, some glass wired beads to symbolize ocean spray and some ornaments and a sea bird.  Look again at the top picture and see the foreground...I like it!

When I started to change things up on the buffet, I started with the farmhouse print.  I was going to hang the quilt, but it is so tattered that I used my large window (that is also a coffee table, I have brackets and legs that screw on) to prop it up.  I shopped the house for vintage items that might be found in a blue ball canning jars, one filled with buttons, the cloche filled with ecru crochet cotton, more cotton in the fruit baskets.  I found all those scissors, hanging on the pegboard in the utility part of the basement.  My Dad hung them when we moved in...18 years ago.  Lunchbox and crock, mini picnic basket and my pharmacy bottle and galvanized soap dish from Joy's Shop the Shed. What do you think?

A few things to share with you tomorrow,  more decorating, my first swap, and my 500th post!!!  Have a great day my friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

HAPPY 500 . . . what fun it is to putz with this n that! One of my favorite things to do!

Debby said...

I love your table and mantle. COngratulations on 500......that's alot.