Thursday, March 14, 2013

Favorite Things

I don't have much to blog about today, so I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite things.  It's this frame.  It originally held a Blessed Mother and Sacred Heart photo shrine, I guess you would call it.  It hung in my Buscia's house, then room, then in our house forever.  It was not something I would ever display in my home.  I am not much for photos of Jesus, except hunky Jesus...remember that one?  Anyway, to make a long story short, I gave myself permission to empty the domed glass frame and create something else for my home.

I painted the gold toned frame in white and used velvet as a background and added many little items that are special to me...a love letter from my Dad to my Mom, their wedding picture, our wedding picture, a picture of our kids, a leaf from a favorite tree, a sticker that was on my dress the night I met my husband, a pocket watch of my hubby' says, Love is an Endless Season, on the inside. A photo of my favorite place, the Maroon Belles in Aspen Colorado.  Now, it is one of my favorite things, and I know Buscia wouldn't mind.

Penny is still sick, and back at the Doctor this morning.  She was well enough to say hi repeatedly to a baby that was crying.  Checked airfares while I waited for some news.  Mom assures me they are ok..and to hold onto my pants. (an old Polish saying;-) In other words, stay put!  It's so hard not to be there for my little sweetheart, and for sweet p. too!

Take care my friends, and thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

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Lynne said...

Ahhhh . . . so difficult isn't it! I wonder if she has an ear infection?

Jill said...

I LOVE what you created! It's beautiful!

I'm so sorry about little Penny. Hang in there, Grandma. *hugs*

Debby said...

Penny, I would be doing the same thing. But by the time you got there she should be better. When my grandson had to have that plastic surgery on his face I wanted to leave that night. It is so hard. I hope she gets better soon.
I love your frame. Hunky Jesus, not sure which one that is. I like the one of JEsus and the children.

babs said...

Sweet P will be better soon! Keep calm! See you soon!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, that frame is gorgeous. I love how you put such sentimental things in it. Just beautiful. I am so sorry to hear that your little granddaughter is sick. I know you wish you could be with her or do something to help. She'll be fine though. :-)