Friday, March 22, 2013

Thrifting with Melanie

I found a cool sugar bowl, an a embroidered linen,
a beautiful lace pillowcase, a garden dibble and a what's it.
Melanie from Comfy House and I went to the
local Goodwill for a bit of get acquainted thrifting. 
 We had the best time, and learned so much about each other
in a couple of hours of shopping. 

I loved the unusual pixelated picture on the sugar bowl.

I had to get this Holly Hobbie plate. 
It reminded me of the sunflowers
the little bird and I planted a couple of years ago.

An Italian magazine actually asked to
 publish photos of my garden that year.
My photos were not up to stuff, but oh the memories...

What is it?...hubby's guess is some kind of
filing device, maybe for bookkeepers.

It's almost a yard long. 

Somebody donated sets and sets of stampin up stamps.  I could only justify one purchase.   We looked at just about everything.  Melanie got the sweetest lamp, some little pitchers I kept finding for her.  We both bought books.  Melanie is a bookaholic and I am not far behind.  We talked about our favorite books...Mel has a huge collection that she is always adding to.  We talked and laughed the whole time. Thanks Melanie, for a great thrifting experience.  Next month?  Hope so!

Almost forgot, I found this tupperware shape sorter for Penny.  It was one of Kristen's favorite toys and now we hope Penny will like it too.  I took it all apart and threw it in the dshwasher, I even restrung the elastic, good as new.

If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm cleaning , shopping, baking, filling baskets, planting wheatgrass, changing bedding, washing blankets all in preparation for a visit from my family and Easter Sunday.  Have a great weekend my friends, and thanks for dropping by and for all the kind comments. 
 It means so much to me.
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Lynne said...

What fun you and Melanie must have had finding treasures. Great for you two to have another "Meet-Up!"

My children, (maybe it was grandchildren) loved playing with the last Tupperware toy. It was a favorite . . .

Asked to publish your garden in an Italian magazine? What? That was an honor Penny! I need to hear more!

Such good intentions you have . . . I need to connect with all the Midwest Meet-Ups . . . . Where does the time fly to!

Happy Sunny Day . . .
Love, Lynne

babs said...

Penny. The long item is a sorter, filer. I used to have one when I worked. When you have stacks of paper to file, you sort them i initially with one of these. That way you get all the April things in one pile, all the May, or do alphabetically. Then you work through each "sorted" pile. Handy little tool.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I just LOVe that filing thingy! So glad you got to have a good junkin' kind of day! If I don't talk to you sooner, have a happy and blessed Easter, Penny.

Melanie said...

We sure had a wonderful time at Goodwill, didn't we? It was so fun looking for treasures with you and getting to know you a little better. I know this week will be very busy for you, so I want to wish you a happy and blessed Easter with your family!