Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peat Pot Favors

I wanted to share with you the peat pot favors I made for the Midwest Meet up swag bags.
These are so easy, and if I might say, cute.  I added a peat pellet and some wheat grass seeds so everyone could grow their own wheat grass as a little bit o spring.

Here's the wheat grass after one week!

I stamped some images using StazOn, a permanent stamp pad on natural tissue paper.  This is an old as the hills technique, possibly from Carol Duvall, back in the day.  You can transfer a stamped image on pretty much any surface you can mod podge, even fabric or burlap or anything you will not wash.
(Make sure the tissue you stamp on matches the surface you will be attaching it to, then it disappears)

I used the MP (Mod Podge) matte, that's what I had and I actually used a wider flat brush, not the tiny one pictured. 

Apply a good coat of MP to the peat pot.  They are absorbent so be generous.

Place your dry stamped image on the pot and gently cover with another coat of MP.

The paper if fragile, but as long as your brush is wet with the MP
 you'll have no problems making it as flat as possible.

Hide any ends of the paper inside or under with a bit of the MP. That's it, easy... right?
I added  some covered wire I found in the floral section at Michael's, to make handles. When the pot is completely dry, punch holes on either side of the pot.  I used pliers to twist the wire
so there are no pokey ends.

 I included this sheet I photocopied from this cool seed packet I bought.
Too much information about wheat grass.

I thought it explained things better than I could.  Then I had a couple of questions from the girls I gave them to...SO here's what I should have said...

 Take the peat pellet and put in in a container with about a half cup of water.  It will expand to about 4 times it's size.  Line your decorated peat pot with plastic and plant your peat pellet with wheat grass seeds. Just sprinkle them on top, the opened side, more than you think you might in the pot...keep moist and in a few days your wheat grass will sprout.  I use a spray bottle to mist mine...Enjoy.

I placed it all in a cello bag, with the directions and a little shredded dictionary paper, tied it with some bakers twine and a decorative tag.

This would make a great favor for the adults at your Easter feast, or any Springtime event. 
The kids love to watch stuff grow too!

Easter is sneaking up on me...I had so many home improvement plans...  They may have to wait till our next big event...Penny's first birthday, OM Goodness!

Thanks for stopping by my friends, I so appreciate your kind comments, but especially your friendship!
Have a great day. 

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Lynne said...

I am one of the lucky Midwest Meet-Up gals who received a little Peat Pot for growing my Wheat Grass. I think it will be the closest thing to green grass that I will see for weeks what with the snowland we happen to be experiencing this year.

Even so . . . I am cheering on the First Day of Spring today and looking forward to pinks, blues and yellows and more green popping up very soon.

Happy Day Penny and thank you for "bringing a bit of spring" into my life . . .

Anne Marie said...

these are so cute Penny...I didn't feel up to going - I'm expecting!
xo and happy spring!

Debby said...

Penny, you have the best ideas and the greatest results. I always wanted to do this for the Easter baskets. Penny turning one....that can't be coming up. That should be a national holiday in my book.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

These are SO cute! And you are always so generous. I am going to have to try these for sure. Penny already a year old? I can't believe it! Where did all the time go????

Melanie said...

I love my little peat pot! I had no idea that you Mod Podged images onto the little pot - so cool. I'm patiently waiting for my seeds to sprout. I keep checking on them! ;-)

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Ok so I'm finally trying this now! Think the mod podge method will work on a clay pot? I'll be keeping it indoors.