Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update

After grocery shopping I stopped at the local thrift for a look see...
I found these cool items.
A paper mache bunny, soon to be covered with moss,
two vintage photos.  An old clipboard...and two oval frames.
This clip is different from all the other clipboards I've found.
I need to find some for Jon, now that I've used all the clipboards I "found" for him...whoops!
I have some small bunnies covered in moss, now to work on this big fellow. 
Get out the ice water...I'm plugging in the glue gun for this baby!
I won this box of Frango mints at Guild last week.  Lucky for me Jon's favorite is chocolate and mint.
I baked a cake, my usual death by chocolate recipe, except I added some chopped Frango mints to the batter.  It was a moist, dense cake.  I cut it into squares after it cooled.
Building a trifle is rules, use whatever you like.  In this one I used instant chocolate pudding, crumbs of Girl Scout Thin Mints and Cool Whip along with the cake.
Topped with more chopped Frango Mints...and Thin Mint Cookies...
Let's just say it was good!
A great dinner, a cozy fire, face time with our NY sweethearts, baby snuggling, cousins hanging out.
A near perfect Sunday.

NOW today...
More snow, honestly I think we need to shift the calendar.
 This weather is at least two months late.  Who do I talk to about this?
Tom Skilling?
You know I don't complain about snow...
but the timing?
A white Christmas would have been nice...
Oh well, we'll go with the flow and enjoy anyway.
Be safe my friends, have great Monday! 


Sarah said...

Fun finds, Penny, but it's that chocolate that has me drooling. '-)
Enjoy your day...........Sarah

Debby said...

I am ready to get in the car and come have some of that yummy cake, oh no I can't have the gluten.
I don't complain about the snow either but even I have had enough for the year. another biggie storm coming our way tomorrow. I hope it is the end. The cold is what I am the most tired of. Hope everyone stays safe too.

Jill said...

You sure have made my sweet tooth sing!

Lynne said...

That Mint Chocolate Cream Dream looks and sounds . . . soooo good.

Great finds . . . remind me, what do you do with the clip boards, and Jon, what is he doing with them too?

Melanie said...

Oh, Penny, you naughty girl...your cake and trifle look way too yummy! I want to dig a spoon into my computer screen! lol