Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend Update

We started off our weekend at Ravinia,
a outdoor venue for concerts.
 My sweetheart and I look forward to these concerts so much.
 He purchases the tickets and I take care of the details.
 We've been going to concerts at Ravinia together since our first on our honeymoon. 
We saw Barry Manilow that first time.
 I'd been there with friends before meeting my dearest
 to see John Denver! A forty year history...

I wanted to make things special for our big night out,
 so I brought along a "FEW" things...
(A filled picnic basket, shopping bag,
2 chairs, a table, a small cooler and a umbrella!)
The tablecloth, plates and glasses
 are all thrift, flea or rummage sale finds.
The tablecloth is especially pretty.
 It was spotted and stained when I purchased it.
  A overnight soaking in oxyclean fixed that.
 The hydreageas were purchased, none of my own are ready.

The most important part of any date is your partner.
 This sweetest of men was mine, all mine.
 (Didn't notice that he flashed the I love you sign
until just now when
I uploaded the photos...sigh...)

I always say this, but if you haven't gone to Ravinia, you really should.

I was the only one is this huge bathroom.  I had to take a photo.

It was a very nice crowd.  The performers were
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Rain was predicted all day and into the evening...but not a drop fell.
It was perfect weather for a concert.

We had a great view of the big screen that showed what was happening on stage.
One small observation...the sound, though good was not nearly loud enough.
Last time we heard the choir there, it felt like you were right if front of them.
The music was beautiful, with a wide variety of songs both spiritual and  popular.

It is my favorite time when the sky gets dark and the candles are lit and the trees are illuminated.

So many people stopped to admire our little table,
even a Choir member and his wife introduced themselves
and asked to take a photo to send to their children back in Utah.
They loved the whole venue and thought it was lovely.
We had the best time, relaxed and enjoyed each others company,
and all the beautiful children and families around us.
(We very much want to take our little Penny here someday.)

On Father's Day we woke up early to visit the little flea market.
My sweetheart has the flea bug! 
(Girls, my plan is working...add maniacal laughter...;-)

I made the big score of the day...this vintage baby basket.  We shopped, got in our walk and went home to lunch.  The guys came for dinner and they watched a LOUD was the perfect ending to a very Happy Father's day for the best Dad and Grandpa.

The gardens are growing...and other than a little weeding and watering, are taking care of themselves in the way that nature does.  Today a little pond maintenance and altering a Gee.  It's a first for me.  A Gee is the outfit worn by those in the Martial Arts.  It's white and thick and will be a challenge to get it right...and my reward will be altering another very soon.  More on that later.

Have a great week my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Melanie said...

I'm glad you and your hubby have so much fun together! I love and Brian were there for a concert (James Taylor) a few years ago. You set the most beautiful table. What little flea market did you go to?

Lynne said...

So charming you make it Penny. A forty year old tradition is a true celebration.

Love the baby basket! Is there some news . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

You were so Martha for the concert, it looks so romantic! And he has the flea bug? What DID you put in the water, girl?