Sunday, June 30, 2013


My dear pal Jean sent me a email asking if I was interested in some thread she recently acquired. She said, " There's ecru and..." She had me at ecru. I've been collecting spools of ecru (ecru is the off white color) thread for a while...but this morning it dawned on me. Both my Buscia (maternal grandmother) and my Grandma (fraternal ) crocheted with this very same thread. The majority of the beautiful things, tablecloths, bedspreads and doilies I have in my possession are made with ecru thread. It's no wonder I am compelled to collect it. My Mom tried thread as a medium, but yarn was her choice for crochet. Now, her granddaughter Kristen has the same preference with both crochet and knitting, and a large stash of yarn in every color and texture. I know my ancestors would laugh to see the spools of thread on display this way, but I like to see it as a tribute to my dear grandmothers, and the magic they made with this humble thread. Coming soon some photos of both my grandmother's beautiful work.

Thank you Jean for always, always thinking of me. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends, thanks for stopping by.

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

I like the word too . . . I am looking forward to seeing your grandmother's beautuful hand work!

Are you going to be on Bloglovin?

Lynne said...

Correction . . . Beautiful . . . .

Melanie said...

I think your displays of thread are absolutely charming! xoxo