Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update, abbreviated version

Picked my first of the Annabelle, we hit a rummage a few things I'll show you at a later date. Brought a large box of stuff to the thrift to donate...came out with two things. ;-) This window type box and the small fleurs crate.

Dear hubby drilled holes in these silver spoons and plate for a project I will complete today. The garden got watered, weeded...the climbers got a trim.

We got in a nap or two. After a grueling few weeks where my sweetheart has put in 12 hour days trying to put a deal together at work, we are looking forward to a quiet holiday. (The deal came through, and hubby was praised by his boss as key to getting it done! So nice to be appreciated at your job!)

Just as I was writing this post, I found out that our friend Steve, Charlotte's dad, had a heart attack and is in surgery. If you are so inclined please say a prayer for this kind and sweet man, and for his wife and daughters. Life is so precious and can change in an instant. I am praying for Steve's speedy recovery, and for comfort for his beautiful family as he recovers.

Take care my friends and thanks for stopping by.

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Annabelle beauty . . . Good for you! Great news for hubby, affirmation is, "the best!"

Prayers for your friend Steve, . . . indeed!

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had quite a busy weekend! I'm really sorry to hear about Charlotte's father...I will keep him in my prayers.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Will keep them all in my prayers....I have Annabelles too and wanted to cut some but was afraid it wasn't the right time? Was just reading about the right time for cutting and drying hydrangea today and it said the end of the summer/fall is the right time once they've already started to dry out. Also, do you know if the Annabelle grow back (same season) after we cut them? So many questions, aarrgh! Love the little crate. Have a happy
4th friend!