Friday, July 5, 2013

The Festivities

The festivities for Independence Day were awesome.
 We were on a grassy knoll, outside of Arlington Park.
We had never seen their fireworks show,
and since we missed the one we wanted to see
 at the Lake on Wednesday night, we headed out.

Call David Duchovny, you know, the X-Files guy...we saw a UFO!
It looked like one of those paper lanterns that you light and set
off into the sky...but it burned so brightly and lasted until it was out of sight.
The finale,(not pictured here) was AWESOME.
 It made me laugh and cry and left me AWESTRUCK!
At this point during the festivities, my dearest somehow managed
to fold himself into his chair.
He sat there, with the footrest in his face... 
I laughed very hard, and so did he.
Extracting him was not an easy task...
it included breaking off the footrest and destroying the chair.
The same thing happened to me at Ravinia about 30 years ago.
 I was mortified.
Funny how we can laugh at ourselves
so much easier as grandparents (AKA old Folk).
 We have so much more fun together, even when things go wrong!
It's our only job for today, finding him a new chair.
Oh dear dear dear, how I love that man o mine!

We had the smallest group (3 total) in the history
of our family for our celebration.
Cutting up our baby watermelon looked like a photo op for me.
What an amazing invention...
the perfect amount of watermelon, so sweet and totally seedless.
An accidental self portrait.
We are good till Bastille Day! 
Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

I bet that was a good laugh . . . lucky it didn't knock him out!
The watermelon looks sooooo good! Liked seeing you in the glass door Penny!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Oh so funny, Penny! Glad he's OK:) Looks like you got some good pics of the fireworks, I've tried (seen a bunch these last few days) but mine are only eh. We did have a great little 4th vacay at the lake, though, so I'll be posting all about it once we get home. That watermelon looks so good, I would have eaten all of it! And you know I love that bunting!

Melanie said...

Oh, crack me up! I can just picture Tyke getting folded up in his chair. I would've been laughing and kind of panicky all at the same time! Glad you enjoyed the fireworks.