Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teeshirt Yarn

I was recently the recipient of many old white teeshirts.
I decided to try and make my own teeshirt yarn.
First I cut the teeshirt bottom seam off and the top with
the sleeves. This leaves a tube of fabric.
I followed the directions on the box of dye,
and dyed the tubes in a bucket. 
(There are many YouTube videos that will be helpful if you
want to make your own, just put "teeshirt yarn" in the search box)

It turned this pretty aqua that does not show up in the next few photos.

I followed the directions and carefully folded and cut the fabric with my rotary cutter.

The fold makes it easy to make one continuous piece of yarn.

You slide your hand in...

Then you cut on the diagonal...
(watch the video...)
Then you stretch the fabric until it folds in on itself, making yarn.

Thirty five yards per teeshirt!

If you have the sweetest and handiest hubby in the world,
he will learn how to make a pull skein for your new yarn.

Thanks honey!

It was really a fun project. Thanks to my dearest who took some time out of his busy busy day to take a couple of photos and then wind all the yarn.  I have two more colors of dye and many more teeshirts to cut. 
Looks good in the Harry and David basket I thrifted.  I'll have to wait for cooler weather to crochet. It looks like it will work beautifully with a large hook. It's just not a hot weather activity!

Thanks for stopping by my friends, and for all the lovely comments.  Thanks to my friends that have me on their sidebar.  I have had many new visitors, and know that they come from first visiting you.  I don't know  how to thank you for your friendship, except to say it means the world to me.  Thank You All!
Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Where oh where do you get your ideas!? Amazing, will this be for a rug?