Wednesday, July 31, 2013

37 years ago today...

At Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Chicago we were married.
Father Tom celebrated Mass and we were surrounded by family and friends.
Father Tom, a friend to all of us "kids" had a beautiful homily.
  Father Tom placed mums on the altar,
since, he said, " they are perfect for every season."  I'll never forget that kindness
and his support for two crazy kids.  I was 21, my sweetheart 20!
My future SIL Lynette (a few years before my brother Larry fell in love with her...) and her sister Laura made this altar banner.  It says, "Love is an Endless Season" just like our invitations.
It was and is beautiful, of course I still have it.
I would use those same invitations today, they are timeless and
beautiful, and the sentiment perfect for our love.

My Mom and Dad...aren't they lovely.  What a beautiful example of love we
had to follow.  They only shared 36 years of marriage before we lost my Mom.
That makes this anniversary especially meaningful
to me.  Thirty six years seemed like a long long time, until you are there yourself...
It's like the blink of the eye.
We went to the park to take photos, and had balloons, long before
they became popular.
Looking back, we were so very young but loved
each other so much then, and still do now.
We have been blessed with a strong love, a great faith and
the comfort of knowing that we belong together.
We may have been young, but our hearts knew what our
heads didn't.
This is the first time that we won't be together for our anniversary. So this message is for you
dear husband o mine...
I am missing you babe! Thanks for making all my dreams come true, and filling my life with happiness and love. I can't imagine a happier life than the one I share with you and our family. Happy Anniversary my love. We'll dance on the beach when you return... I LOVE YOU!

Thanks dear readers for indulging me and for stopping by.   Enjoy this beautiful day!

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babs said...

Happy Anniversary my dear Penny! Congratulations...37 years. So awesome. Love your pictures....such young ones when you were wed! Many more years to come!

Lynne said...

Love, love, love this Penny . . . absolutely beautiful wedding and genuine love radiates from the photos. Your mom and dad are so beautiful and handsome. The huge balloons, happy wedding party, Father Tom, the wedding banner cloth . . . so happy you shared your day with us!

Happy Anniversary Day . . . wish your MR guy was home today with you. In his missing you I am sure he will be in love with this wedding walk memory.

Wedding Marriage Love
You my dear live it all . . . faithfully . . .