Monday, August 5, 2013

Movin' and Groovin'

Heading to Jon's old place in the city.
Not the usual weekend update since this covers most of last week.
Hubby was gone for a week, not my favorite thing...but especially since it was our anniversary,
a hard day for me to be without him.  It was also moving day for son Jon and his sweetheart
Charlotte.  I used my anxiety for good not evil, and helped out
by cleaning the old place as the youngsters took the 4 flights of stairs
with all Jon's stuff. (Smart move on my part, those stairs are murder.)
It wasn't a bad apartment.  Jon and friend since kindergarten, Jeremy,
fulfilled their childhood fantasy of their own place,
but a crazy landlady made living there
anything but pleasant.

Jon called for help getting his security deposit back.
Only a Polish cleaning lady would do.
Since I am the grand daughter to the best
and hardest working cleaning lady ever,
(My Buscia worked nights cleaning offices in the loop
to make a living to raise 4 kids on her own!)
I made sure everything was neat and tidy.

Then I took photos of everything, just in case.
We lunched at the new apartment, a very nice place,
closer to the ground, in a neighborhood you can actually park
in front of your apartment.
Hope to be able to show you some
photos of the new place after they get settled in.
Charlotte is creative as is Jon.
Their new home is sure to reflect this
great couple's style and personality.
I love you guys! 

My sweetheart arrived home after a red eye flight early, and when I say early,
I mean 4am!    Took us all day Friday, and a good nights sleep to feel
human again.    Now for a little story...
Last week we were looking for a certain rummage sale, but instead found signs
that lead us to another rummage sale.
It said it was at a Church...but it was farmland with no steeple
in sight.  We finally found the farm where the sale was being held.
Seems that they are raising funds to build a new Catholic Church,
and they have now celebrate Mass in a barn.
Everyone was so pleasant, offering to show us the Chapel.
We just walked around on our own until...
We found out that the sale was not until the next week!

We had crashed a rummage sale set up!
Let's just say we were so embarrassed...
Not enough to keep us away this weekend...
though we didn't find a thing.
The parson chairs I was interested in
were priced out of my league, and they
were not budging until the last day...
The ones that got away!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Four large zucchini, and our first of the bottle gourds.

So cute but taking over, runners 5 to 8 feet long.

Climbing the rose trellis.

Walking in the neighborhood, an estate sale.  Got the beautiful oval platter.

Around the corner, all the crochet pieces.  So beautiful!

Made by the lady's Grandmother, sigh...

Have you ever seen one of these?  From another sale,  this one sale worthy of it's own post
because of it's awesomeness!  Some time off with my hubby this week, staying at home and groovin'.
Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Have a great week.

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Melanie said...

You are the best mom for cleaning your son's apartment! I hope he's kissing your feet, lol. I was laughing about the rummage sale that you crashed...too funny. That parsley jar is gorgeous. I would've fought you for it if I were with you. ;-)

Lynne said...

What a mom . . . spotless clean for that security deposit!
Happy hubs is home . . . celebrating the anniversary?